August 8th, 2012


This is why we can't have nice things.

Warning: graphic images in the first video on the page.

He's running an "I'm anti-abortion" campaign against Keith Ellison for the democratic primary for the house.
He claims Ellison is a baby killing racist, cause he supports Planned Parenthood.

He also has a video hating on Keith Ellison for being a muslim.
"Islam tells you to kill Christians!" type of bullshit

This man is awful, awful awful. Can we agree, even those who disagree with abortion, that this man is a *enter nasty word here* who should feel ashamed of those two videos?

God and Country

What a beautifully delivered ugly truth!

Here sits a man. A man who can cast a ballot that can determine the path of action for millions, potentially billions (since he may cast a vote that directly impacts another nation) and he thinks humans might be but 5000 years old! Disagraceful. No wonder our congress does nothing and has a lower approval rating than King George did in 1775.

"It could have possibly been that"

Well, in a sense anything is possible. I might be a three legged giraffe using googletalk to translate and post my thoughts. But teapot on mars and all. (although, I'll admit, if Curiosity can find a teapot on Mars, that would be about the damned best thing I could imagine)

Now I'll be generous. I'll admit that God is a matter of faith, and not knowledge. It is not science, when we believe or disbelieve in God. Science doesn't have sway in theology; but theology must not overstep into science either!!

God is about faith. Faith, because we cannot know.

Kant showed this. Kant was a believer. He made room for faith; but he also showed that we cannot KNOW if God exists. You can merely have faith.

So go, have your faith. But don't use your faith to impede on the running of the country! Our laws are not secular laws--but they ought be! We have legal code that denies entry into govt positions due to lack of faith. We have national days of prayer. We put God on our money, for God's sake!

Keep your faith in your closet, as a wise Jew advised.

And let's start talking about that IQ test for senators....