August 5th, 2012

Quaero togam pacem.

Holding the Olympic torch? OMG, awesomeness! Or is it?

Here we are again, my fellows, for the next installment of the insanely overhyped and superbly boring series of ridiculously hyperbolized hypothetical situations, inspired by the NationStates online game - that imaginary world where you can totally be the absolute ruler of your imaginary country, and steer it into desolation and/or the ultimate glory. The last time we had a poll, the issue was the clash of cultures, and more specifically this threat that are Teh Terriztz. Back then, Mr Fareed the immigrant won by a very narrow margin, arguing that he shouldn't be forced to forsake his culture for the sake of, well, any host culture.

Now the issue is quite different, and much in line with the ongoing Olympic Games...

Oh, happy times...

The Issue
Enthusiastic sports fans have been petitioning the government all week to apply for the much-coveted honor of hosting the next Intergalactic Olympics. While most citizens are excited at the prospect of a Galaxy-wide competition in their own country, some have expressed reservations about the enormous expense hosting would incur.

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