July 30th, 2012

Idiots, Idiots Everywhere



So evidently the USA's network that's "showing the Olympics" has decided to only show the version of the Olympics it wants to admit exists. NBC has confessed here to altering tribute to a not-9/11 terrorist incident for the simple reason that the USA didn't have any victims in the 7/7 bombings. To me, this is both appalling and inexcusable, and I really don't have the ability to muster a coherent response because when I'm actually pissed off I don't post well on the Internet about it. >.< Suffice to say that this may be the singularly most dickish thing that the US media's done in a while to me. >.<

I don't have very many words about this, as I said, though I do wonder how people would actually have the balls to say something this disgusting these days. Terrorism is not less meaningful because it's blowing up people in Bumfuck, Nigeria, as opposed to the Big Apple. Treating it as though it is....>.<

Worstest VP options?

First of all, something for the lulz:

Romney Praises Israel's Socialized Health Care System

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That hook being thrown into the river, now straight to the question.

In light of all the recent Olympic gaffes from Mitt Romnington (and the presumed/manufactured gaffes from O'Bummer) [let me give a definition of a "gaffe" = a social blunder, esp a tactless remark "when someone incidentally speaks their mind"], LOL; and given the hilarious persona that is the current VP, Joe "You Can't Go To A Dunkin Donuts Unless You Got A Slight Indian Accent" Biden... who do you think are the worst VP options for the GOP? I mean, I'm far from the thought that Joe "Stand Up Chuck Graham, Let 'Em See Ya" Biden's level of stupidity and verbal FAIL could be emulated, evAR... But still, he has to be matched on the other side, somehow.

Suggestions? Here are a few of mine, over the top of my star-sprinkled pointy hat:

1. Tim "I'm not putting my hat in the ring for VP" Pawlenty
2. Rob "Mel Gibson saved me from drowning" Portman
3. Bobby "Mitt will repeal the Obamneycare" Jindal
4. Chris "Something may be going down tonight, sweetheart" Christie
5. Bob "Governor Vaginal Probe" McDonnell
6. Paul "Keep 500 billion in Medicare by cutting 500 billion from Medicare" Ryan
7. Kelly Ayotte (mentioned as a wild card according to some websites)
8. ??? (Marco Rubio?)

So get busy, y'all! You got a lot of material on your hands. Does any of these names (or all?) scream "bad choice" into your face? Yes? No? Am I being stupid? Suggestions? Genius musings? Rants?