July 27th, 2012


Friday fun. Toy stories!

Toys leave a mark in the childhood of every child. All of us have had a special one, a toy that we specially remember, inherited from a brother, a Christmas wish come true, or even a toy made by yourself, that toy that was undoubtedly your number one because you put so much love into making it. Toys also reveal a lot about the character of a kid - the way they think, what are their dreams, what life they have...

An Italian photographer by the name Gabriele Galimberti has gone around the world in a set of photographs, exploring this phenomenon. With the help and consent of parents, he discovered through children games how they develop the game and which is their favourite toy. In a sense, this is a scientific exposition, where kids show with pride their treasures that tell us some more of their lives.

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What about your kids? What toys do they like playing with? =)