July 22nd, 2012

The Swallows have won!

You'll pry my guns from my cold......

The gun lovers may sleep well, I guarantee. Even in the wake of the Colorado tragedy, and despite all the bickering on the issue of gun ownership, let's face it: Obama is even less likely to call for a stricter gun control - especially unlikely during an election year. Those are the realities.

Not that he was ever likely to do it, anyway. Which makes the hysterial conspiracy theories of NRA members (ETA: even its chairman) that there's an elaborate Obama plot to make gun ownership look bad part of history, the more ridiculous. It's as if, the more tolerant the administration is to gun owners, the louder the howling becomes.

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You know what would deal with these liburl sissies better than anyone? Chuck Norris! I'm sure he'd kick their butts hard, yo! It's a miracle he hasn't been released upon them.

Oh wait... He has?

I'm sure most of us have heard the following line hundreds of times.

"You'll pry my guns from my cold, dead hands!!!"


Reality TV to the Stars (well, to Mars at least)

Linking the video because for some reason embedding results in the wrong video every time.

When the Mars One people start taking applications next year, I'm signing up. If I don't qualify for a position as one of the colonists (college dropout being the most likely disqualifier — not that it would have helped much if I'd finished that English degree :-þ), I'll try and get a job in the support infrastructure. I want to be involved with this, come Hell or high water. This despite some grave misgivings.

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Still, the lure of such a monumental adventure is too great for me to resist.


Waking giant? On clay feet?

A couple years ago, during his historic visit to the Indian parliament, president Obama did not spare his words of praise for the "I" of the BRICS:


"...In Asia and around the world, India is not simply emerging; India has already emerged.

"My confidence in our shared future is grounded in my respect for India's treasured past - a civilization that has been shaping the world for thousands of years.

"India not only opened our minds, she expanded our moral imagination. With religious texts that still summon the faithful to lives of dignity and discipline. With poets who imagined a future "where the mind is without fear and the head is held high". And with a man whose message of love and justice endures - the Father of your Nation, Mahatma Gandhi".

That wasn't just a gesture of courtesy. It was a promise for a mutually beneficial future cooperation. "India will thus become the new China of the past two decades", the experts are predicting. In any case, they are right that India has vast human resources at its disposal. Currently the population is 1.2 billion, almost half of it under 25 years of age. UN estimations point at India possibly surpassing China's population by 2025. China has 1.34 billion now, with a tendency towards decline. By 2100 the Indians could reach 1.5 billion, while the Chinese would have "shrunken" to 0.94 billion.

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