July 20th, 2012


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  Apparently, there were many members of U.S. military personnel in the Colorado theater. I can understand that the majority of moviegoers did not bring any weapon of personal protection with them to the show. But I would expect that a serving member of a U.S. military forces is properly armed and is ready to defend his country and its citizens at any given moment, day or night. Something makes me think that an incident like that could never have happened in Israel, where soldiers carry guns both on duty and off duty, even to bars, night clubs, and other places of entertainment.
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The loss of innocence was hardly a shock

Hey, you blood-thirsty demons peace-loving folk! Sorry that I'm gonna occupy ya'll with such un-funny stuff particularly today (it's Friday, duh!) But this is considered big news here:


So that's what happened the other day here, something unprecedented for my tiny peaceful nation. A bomb attack at the Burgas airport. Apparently, a suicide bomber blew up a tourist bus. He was targeting several buses full of Israeli tourists who had just landed at the airport.

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