July 11th, 2012


Meet the statesman of the year!

First of all, I hasten to say that this is NOT the Onion. :)


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Hardly a surprise that a nut would win an award when the ones giving said award are the party who looks to Rush Limbaugh as the guy who largely sets their tone and agenda, as if he's some kind of conservative Messiah.

Well of course the choice of winner is obviously self-serving, on both sides of this event in fact. Donald "A Certificate of Live Birth Is Not the Same Thing By Any Stretch of the Imagination As A Birth Certificate" Trump, has been a slut to raise the price of admission to this event; now move along; nothing to see here OR YOU'LL BE ARRESTED FOR STUPIDITY!!11!1

On the other hand, the political scene would've been so much more boring without him. I'm not sure there's a single person (on either side of the political divide, in fact) who would ever think of taking him seriously for a minute, so I don't think any of this stuff warrants wasting one's nerves to take offense with. It's all for the lulz, you know. And what makes his act the more skillful is how he seems to genuinely take himself seriously, and believe that he's some sort of a business guru ("You're fired! Did I get this right?" -- "Yeah, what a good call, Mr Trump, Sir!"). After all, looking dead serious while doing something completely stupid, only amplifies the comedic effect. So I say, you go, Donald!

Ps. Wouldn't you just love to see him appearing on Colbert's show? Now that would be something to watch!

I'm taking my ball and going home...

This will be my last political campaign no matter what, I've got nothing else to run for.
--President Obama, at a campaign event in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Does this strike anyone else as both a shame and somewhat, I don't know, lacking in moxie? Barack Obama is 50 years old. He is a man in the prime of his life. It seems a shame that he should simply fade into the background of American life if his presidency should end next January. Nothing else to run for?! That implies that, should he lose, that's it, game over. Wouldn't those who would vote for Barack Obama want him to carry on the fight? Wouldn't they want him to advocate for his policies and continue to push forward to whatever bright, noble future he has in mind?

I felt the same way about Bill Clinton. He seems now like a slightly comic, even pathetic figure. Why couldn't he have run for the House, a la John Q. Adams? He would have made a formidable legislator. Andrew Johnson continued to run for office after his term, eventually becoming a Tennessee Senator. William Howard Taft famously fulfilled his life long ambition to become Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Even John Tyler, to his eternal discredit, did not shrink from joining the Confederate Congress, although he mercifully died before he could bring more shame on his memory. What is it about our culture today that circumscribes a president from taking anything other than the most anodyne of jobs after their time in office? I think they should show a little more gumption.