July 10th, 2012


The Politics of Psychosis: Shadowcraft 2012‏

Hundreds of years before the legendary mission of Jesus, a student of the Pythagorean tradition published an essay on the politics of his time. He described a shadow world of deception and intellectual bondage. Anyone who had escaped from the cavernous enclave to return with a description of the real world would be treated like a lunatic. Their description of reality would not be recognized as such. Instead, they would be considered quite batty.

The situation has changed very little since that time. Despite all of the modern facilities that exist for seeking understanding, few have the courage to break out of the Cave and even fewer have the courage to attempt to liberate those trapped in thrall to the shadowcraft of our times. Some even believe they have escaped into the light of reality when they are merely captive to a greater level of sophistication. Rather than escaping from darkness, they have merely been seduced by a different set of delusions.

Millions of people around the planet worship the Roman Pontiff as if he were the absolute bridge to eternity. When the Roman despot commands them to put aside modern methods of self-control, they dutifully kowtow to his demands. Some even go so far as to try to keep such devices out of the hands of people of other persuasions. The so-called representative of Jesus uses teen love speak to defraud people of their rights and treat them worse than dirt.

When millions of people mistake the Roman Pontiff for a vicar of a Jewish prophet, it is called religion. If the Roman Pontiff actually believed it himself, psychosis would be the best term. The office of Pontifex Maximus existed before the birth of either Jesus or his left hand lieutenant, Peter. It is an office that tied Roman monarchs to the domain of the dead. Would an authoritarian jerk sitting in an ornate palace in the middle of Rome associate himself and his position more with a Roman monarch or with a wandering healer in the Levant? The former makes more sense. It would be the reasonable conclusion to draw.

With millions of culty devotees, it would be dangerous to point out the nakedness of papal aggression. Anyone who does so is asking for trouble. One would have to be insane to speak truth to such power. It is better to keep it a secret, flying under the radar to stay safe.

To which popular delusion do you ascribe and why?

BTW, it is fascinating to watch the power struggle between China and Rome over the ordination of bishops. After his ordination as a state-approved bishop, Rome automatically excommunicated Joseph Yue Fusheng. After a Rome-approved ordination, Thaddeus Ma Daquin appears to have been placed under house arrest by the Chinese government.

Links: Plato's allegory of the Cave. Judith Hallett on the meaning of the title of Pontifex Maximus Officially ordained Catholic bishop in Harbin, China vs. a Shangai bishop, approved by Rome.
Quaero togam pacem.

All their fears come true

People who be hatin' on the newly elected Egyptian president Mohamed Mursi are plenty. With his humble background and devout piety he's the typical rep of the Muslim Brotherhood, the supposedly relatively-moderate Islamist party that wants to impose its religious agenda on a largely secular society. Despite all the claims that they represent "all" Egyptians (what? including the Christian Copts and the secular liberals?), their values still seem very distant from what we're used to calling "Western" values. Or maybe that's the mistake here - trying to apply one model on another society. But anyway...

For example, the US is hardly too thrilled with the fact that Mursi devoted part of his struggle on the Tahrir square to an effort to have one of the fundamentalists behind the 911 attacks freed. His position on Israel is also a cause for concern - he used to be part of an anti-Zionist faction within the Muslim Brotherhood, and frequently criticizes some of the points in the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel. At least he used to, while he was not president.

That said, Mursi still won the presidential election last month. Undeniable fact. And this guy who used to be an anonymous engineer until very recently (born in a small village, got his education in the US and shortly a political prisoner under Mubarak's regime), now, despite most of his prerogatives being cut down by the military junta, is still at least nominally the leader of the largest Arab country in the world. And his stances and decisions will be affecting the entire Middle East. That's why any attempt from the international community to preemptively punish or isolate the new Egyptian government for "looking too Islamist", without giving them a chance to prove themselves, would be a mistake.

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