July 3rd, 2012


So, a Higgs boson asked a priest, "How can you have mass without me?"

Congrats to Geneva! The CERN, LHC has likely discovered the "goddamn" Higgs boson. FERMIlab is on the scent as well. Cosmologists are torn away from their telescopes and are studying the tiny particles in the colliders. Smashing tiny stuff to learn about the multiverse is extremely exciting. The standard model is accurate.

America blew our chance to discover such, in Texas, USA. We were too lame and plus we had a deficit to reduce. When we don't invest, we can't discover nice things. Today, we sheepishly defend even basic science in Texas and get predictable poor results.

It would be nice to see dark matter bottled in the United States in my lifetime, a pity I will have to settle for seeing New Orleans "drowned in a bathtub".

Magical Wes Animated

Coercion and "Free" Enterprise

I have always been troubled by the preposterous notion that money cannot be used coercively. Coercion is the threat or application of force to influence the choices of an individual.

If someone points a gun at me and says, "I'll kill you if you don't drink my water", everyone would agree that is coercion. And yet, if I were to magically buy up all the water companies and say, "You will die if you don't drink my water", that is suddenly not coercion.

I continue to assert that money can be used to coerce by limiting choice. When my income is low, I will put higher value on my pennies, making me more likely to bargain shop with companies I'd prefer not to frequent. When companies merge beyond my field of vision, I can end up spending money that goes into the pockets of people that I have no desire to support. Speculation can drive up prices in my housing market, limiting my choice of residence beyond natural scarcity. Economies of scale can prevent me from entering markets with a superior product due to my inability to counter undercutting and overcome market entry fees. A malevolent person could, with sufficient bankroll, remove my ability to participate in any market by eliminating all supply or adjusting the market equilibrium beyond my means.

Julian Assange pointed out in an old blog that corporate nation-states would be totalitarian regimes...
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