June 30th, 2012

Слушам и не вярвам на очите си!
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Hatin' on otherness

Peace, my dear chronic haterz nice tolerant peeps who just want harmony in the world! Care to take a glimpse of the "nice" place that is the Balkan Internet, eh? In this case it's this legendary cesspit that is Blog.bg. See, there's a Pride Parade today in Sofia, which is a pretty big event. And of course that's been the central topic throughout the blogosphere for the whole week. I've been puking all over the place lately, as I've realized that the majority of bloggers are pretty much on the homophobic side of the issue. Just one among thousands of examples:


Rough translation:

"This year Warlick [the US ambassador to BG] will be attending the gay pride parade in Sofia. You know, we're supposed to be tolerant with them f**s. To protect their rights and freedoms. To help them keep parading with their wickedness and allow them to keep touching themselves on the wrong holes. Bulgarian f**s unite, hah! We're tolerant and we support y'all; if next year you decide to adopt kids and marry each other, we'll support you again. As the song goes, "...your heart is as wide as the ass of a f**. Brb, gonna vomit now".

The author of this genius post even used this pic, with the comment: "They probably use these toilet brushes to wash their asses afterwards..."

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