June 29th, 2012

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Members of House Walk Out of Holder Contempt Vote

I remember when Joe Wilson yelled, "You lie" during President Obama's address to the entire Congress at the start of the health care debate (the same one in which he actually did lie several times, but not on the same subject that Wilson chose to make himself heard). I believe it was referred to in this community as "douchebaggery". Yes, that was it.

Anyway, during the House vote to find Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt for his role in Operation Fast & Furious, Nancy Pelosi encouraged members of Congress to walk out of the vote.

It's bad enough that (from 0:30-0:45) she trips over the name of the border agent who was murdered (as if BRIAN TERRY is so hard to pronounce), but then she goes on to misquote the U.S. Constitution while waxing poetic about responsibilities as members of Congress.

If Skeletor didn't like the result, she could have just voted NO and have been done with it. Instead, this contemptible hag encourages others to go the way of the Congressional Black Caucus (who apparently came up with this idea) and walk out of the hearing. As she pointed out, it's the first time a sitting cabinet member has been held in contempt.

Now some may point out that John Boehner did the same thing in 2011 - I won't argue against that. But that's business as usual in Congress. There are dirty tricks all around that happen during Congressional legislative sessions - like in 2008 when then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats turned out the lights on GOP members while they kept working to solve the problem with high gas prices. Gee, that whole high gas price situation sounds familiar. On the other hand, a sitting member of the President's cabinet may be responsible for putting the gun that killed a U.S. border patrol agent in the hands of Mexican criminals? That is - as Joe Biden would call it - a "big f*cking deal".

So where is the outrage?