June 22nd, 2012

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On this day in history:

Two invasions and one great offensive were launched. In 1812, the bicentennial of which is this day, Napoleon Bonaparte, the hitherto undefeated conqueror of the great bulk of Europe launched his invasion of the Russia of Alexander I
Collapse )

Personally, if you ask me (to be sure of fitting into Rule 8) I think that Russia's military history in a lot of ways is shamefully neglected. Screw Afghanistan as the graveyard of Empires, Russia takes European Empires and disintegrates them. I think that the neglect of Russian military history is a curious artifact of the Cold War where the USA tended to take the view that studying the views of the people Russia defeated so soundly was somehow relevant to it winning a future war with the Soviets by emulating the methods that had failed in WWII, at least as far as tactics are concerned. Thus, it's also worth noting that both Hitler and Napoleon studied the mistakes of their precursors, and it did them no good.