June 18th, 2012


Privatizing warfare

Maybe this will be relevant in a way to the monthly topic, the future development of the world. Because war and the military is an essential part of society, and there've been some well noticeable trends there in the recent years. First of all, here's a curious review of some of the largest private armies that now exist in the world:

A Look At The Largest Private Armies In The World

Mercenaries, or "private contractors" as is the new PC term now, have been part of warfare through all stages of human history. In fact I'd say citizen-army is a relatively recent development in comparison. Well, there are many ethical and purely strategic issues involved in privatizing warfare. From the question to whom do they owe their allegiance, since they're being paid for by private companies; to the question how effective they can be in a tough military situation. I'm no expert, but still, here are some scattered musings.

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