June 14th, 2012


Kooky Klan wants to Keep Kounty Klean

Well, it seems the Klan is still alive and well in North Georgia.


Not only do we have a local chapter in my 'residential town' of Ellijay, but we have a few Saltines™ of the Earth a few counties over in Union County.

Seems a few good crackerfolk up in Union want to do their civic part and help clean a stretch of road. Just like Kwanis, Masons, churches, boy scout groups and other intolerant private organizations.

Only, well like GEE they are the KKK, with a History of Bigotry, intolerance, just like the Baptists, only with pointy caps. So the State says "no, it's not safe for you racists to be on the side of a road doing cleanup. What if the Negros find out? Next thing ya know, Jesse GodDamn Jackson will be all up in heah!"

So, of course, the Klan does the predictable thing (given this is all a PR campagne anyway). They ask the ACLU to intervene.

And, of course, the ACLU is more than willing to support the Klan's First Amendment right.

The Georgia branch of the ACLU said the DOT's denial appears to violate the KKK's First Amendment right to free speech. The group’s executive director Debbie Seagraves told Davis a lawsuit against the state is one option.

“I don’t want to tell you we are going to sue the state. The ACLU practice and policy is to always try a remedy short of litigation, but were not afraid to do that if that’s what’s necessary,” she said.
The ACLU said it doesn’t matter that the Klan's message, white supremacy, may be offensive. 

“No question their message is offensive and hurtful, but our constitution allows offensive speech. In fact, the First Amendment is only needed for offensive speech, only for unpopular speech. That’s its purpose,” Seagraves said. 

Personally, I hope they prevail. I can't wait to get up there and steal a sign for my business. Of course, I'll compensate the appropriate government sign authority.

Do you support the Klu Klux Klan's right to be a part of a public program that other intolerable organizations have no issue with participating? After all, The Georgia Protestant Churches and the Klan all have a major thing in common: :they worship and claim law and doctrine is based on the Abrahamic God.

If you do not support the Klan, don't you agree that 'intolerance' is subjective, therefore we are all guilty of intolerance to some degree?
Quaero togam pacem.

The mono-polar world in trouble

All right then, we're to talk about the future developments in the world? Fine. Let's begin with a recent G8 meeting in Camp David, where Putin did the remarkable gesture to... well, quit the meeting. He sent his puppet Medvedev in his stead. This may or may not call associations with the old Cold War times and all the passive-aggressive RL-trolling that was so inherent to that epoch, but one thing is for sure: the message he's trying to send is, "Look at us, we're Russia, we're strong and we do whatever we like, so deal with it". Or something like that.

Did it have an effect? I dunno, probably not a real one, but maybe symbolic. Because Obama soon responded by quitting his participation at the APEC-2012 meeting in Vladivostok. So where are we headed now?...

Not so long ago, another nice meeting took place in New Delhi, this time of the BRICS countries. The finance ministers who represented the big five game species emerging economies came up with a resolution that's supposed to send a loud signal to the financial markets. What does it say? That the current global currency (namely: King Dollar), is shaking. OMGZ! Well, sure. The dollar is at an all-times low, etc. And more importantly, the BRICS ministers took "an historic" decision to move further away from it and start doing their transactions in their respective national currencies.

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