June 10th, 2012

Quaero togam pacem.

Clash of Cultures

All right, time to show us how cosmopolitan you are! Here's the bazillionth installment of your fave (ha!) spectacularly hyperbolized hypothetical situations inspired by the NationStates online game - yeah, that place where you can be the Stalins and Hitlers of your own realm, which you're totally free to push down the gutter just because you can. Uh huh huh. Last time the issue was a silly squabble over hate speech and the hurt feelings of a few clerics. Back then, "Mr. T" the anonymous hipster musician won by a landslide, arguing that his freedom to insult whomever they want should be protected no matter what (nice spin on my part, eh?)

Now the issue is partly related to the monthly topic at hand, namely: the future. That is, the future of your utopian society. No, I lied. Or maybe I didn't. Well, let's see...

(A terrorist kiddo sneaking through the border)

The Issue
Conservative commentators have remarked that many foreign immigrants in Insert Country Name are failing to take part in, or even acknowledge, the country's rich and varied culture, traditions, and social mores. This has caused some interethnic strife, and reports of violence in minority-dominated neighbourhoods have been increasing every day.

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Eurovision instead of Arab spring

Yeah, we've previously talked about the ridiculous Eurovision song contest. "This has been the most terrific Eurovision ever!", some of the leading European TV anchors exclaimed while presenting their countries' vote (friendly neighborly vote, no surprise). And they were right - indeed, terrific it was, but in a sense that Azerbaijan spent $686 million to organize the grandest visual and musical orgy of kitsch and irrelevant crap music ever seen. But behind the glamor of the Crysal Hall that was specially built for the event, and the shampoo-washed streets of Baku (with the brand new London taxis, specially purchased for the event), a different reality hides. Although no one in and outside the country speaks of that openly any more, Azerbaijan remains one of the most vicious dictatorships in Europe.

Let's take the Eurovision complex for example. The enormous Crystal Hall and the adjacent park and the coast boulevard were built in less than a year, and the president's daughter Leyla Aliyeva (who's something like Ilham Aliyev's personal PR guru) described the facility as "something no one has ever seen before".

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