June 6th, 2012

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Why did WWIII never happen?

In the period of the Cold War, 1945-1991, the USSR never went into a war with the USA, and the only time US and Bolshevik forces fought was during the Russian Civil War. There were, however, clashes during individual proxy wars between US forces and Soviet advisors/pilots, and vice-versa during the USSR's own issues. Why did the superpowers never push the Red Buttons in all that time, whether by accident or by some other cause?

Personally I think it was more to do with the USSR wishing to first rebuild and then to amass the ability and capability to "win" a general nuclear exchange (leaving aside that practically the only winners are the cockroaches in that situation and maybe the chimpanzees), and that in practical terms it never managed both until its own problems that led to its collapse were too ossified for such a war to ever happen. While for its part the USA is extremely unlikely, outside the perimeter of a Crack!TL to up and start the war by itself.

I think it also had something to do with the USA and USSR at some level realizing that if the only winner of a war are cockroaches then perhaps it's a good idea to leave that war purely in the realm of theoretical events and counterfactuals.

The soccer mafia


The UEFA Euro 2012 begins in just two days. I now North Americans don't usually care about soccer, but elsewhere it's big. Really big. Beginning Friday, "King Football" will reign supreme over an entire continent for a whole month. Millions will be watching, and not just in Europe.

So this book comes quite timely. It's not about UEFA (the European ruling body of soccer), but about FIFA, the worldwide ruling body. And it has some pretty merciless conclusions about this organization and especially its leader, Sepp Blatter.

After reading the book, one'd wonder how come the special forces haven't yet stormed the FIFA offices, like they did with some of the credit rating agencies. And it's not like FIFA doesn't have some uncomfortable secrets to answer for. Corruption, cronyism, blackmail, and shady deals. So here are some scandalous facts...

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