June 3rd, 2012


Monthly Topic

Yo, y'all! The free-speech & PC month is over, let's see what you guys chose to be the monthly topic for June. Apparently, there were two fave topics on that poll, but ultimately the winner is...

Future Scenarios for World Development

Sounds intriguing! So let's see roughly what it could include:

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Groovy Kol

Ghosts with AKs

Tough men with long beards and shaven heads took 11 y.o. Ali's dad outside their house and shot him dead. Then they knocked the door down and killed the rest of the family. That's the horrible story of a young boy who was among the survivors of the massacre who saved their lives by pretending to be dead, and thus avoided the fate of 108 of their fellow villagers in Taldu, a mostly Sunni village in Syria. It's still unclear who the perpetrators were, but one name keeps popping up ever more often: Shabiha. Those who know of the terrors of the Bosnian war could probably make the parallel with the Serb paramilitaries.

The Syrian opposition claims Hula and the adjacent villages were shelled by government artillery. However the UN observers have found that many of the victims had been shot point-blank without any resistance. The regime keeps repeating the old meme about "armed terrorist groups who desire a military intervention". Meanwhile, witnesses are talking of the Shabiha paramilitary groups who are loyal to the government, and who've become a symbol of the brutal atrocity of the regime.

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