May 26th, 2012

Godzilla, default

Israeli settlers fire on Palestinian civilians, Israeli army sits and watches, does nothing:

In the running saga of Israeli settler-colonialism in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, the Israelis have currently added new fuel to the fire. In a pattern that's more remiscent of the US conquest of its own territory, Israelis will move in, establish settlements they solemnly and falsely pledge to withdraw, ensure the locals get riled up, throw stones at them, then open fire and reload. I strongly believe that the only means to defend these settlements is the mentality that worships and reveres force over all, a mentality safely well away across the Atlantic or the Mediterranean. Israel cannot simply settle and destroy the Palestinians, it doesn't have the cultural or infrastructural power even if it has the will. Things like this means it's never going to be able to just withdraw from the West Bank as it will immediately gain a new state neighbor with every reason to loathe it.

That being said, I repeat a question I asked before: how are these settlements at all defensible by anyone with a moral view of the world? Or for that matter one that respects rule of law over rule of "My army's parked here so there?".