May 21st, 2012

The Skeptics Case - Global Warming

The Skeptics Case

The data presented here is impeccably sourced, very relevant, publicly available, and from our best instruments. Yet it never appears in the mainstream media — have you ever seen anything like any of the figures here in the mainstream media? That alone tells you that the "debate" is about politics and power, and not about science or truth.

Please read the link. Go ahead and read it critically. It presents the data and the argument very clearly and isn't a polemic.

I think the main point here is that there is sufficient grounds for there to be a debate/discussion on the issue in society, but that politics and the media are not allowing it. Just like the argument for free speech in general, if the argument on one side is so clear and convincing, then what's the harm in allowing the other side to point out the perceived flaws in it? But a seemingly large proportion of the proponents of global warming tend to just try to shut up the objections. This is probably coming much more from the political arena than from the scientific arena, but they do overlap.

Think about your own reaction to these challenges. How do you respond? Do you want to try and independently verify the claims in some manner or do you simply dismiss it and stick to your belief as it is right now? Then I suggest you think about whether you do this on other subjects too; is it your pattern or is this topic special?

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I've got a question for the fine and upstanding members of this comm.

What do you do if you realize that your phone is tapped? Assume that you are engaging in no criminal activity. What do you do? Go to the local police? Go up the ladder?

And when I say, "you realize" I mean, you are on the phone with someone, you are about to hang-up after the other person has clearly hung up already and quite clearly you hear a male voice (that is obviously different from the person you were just on the phone with) say, "Ok, he's hung up now, end the tape"

Aside from pondering why the police are spending their resources on someone as innocent as you, what do you do? Just live with it? Accept that your phone is tapped? Live like nothing happened? Do you go to a lawyer?

What would YOU do?

Going topless: Y/N?

Should women in your place be allowed to go topless in public like men?

Poll #1841725 Going topless: Y/N?
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Should women in your place be allowed to go topless in public like men?

Hell yeah..... giggity.
I have no problem with public nudity whatsoever
Sure, but only on the beach, pool, lake and other specific places
No! Slippery slope! This is the end of decency and morality as we know it!
Women who go topless are just whoring themselves, duh.
Only if they're supermodels...
Why can't men go pantiless too, then?
Maybe, I don't know... or I have a different opinion, kindasorta
This poll is a pile of mysogynist shit and you should be ashamed

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