May 14th, 2012

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Cogs in the Wheel & The Bloc That Failed:

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These were men who devoted their entire lives to studying the Moscow autocracy Lenin built. They came to know as much as any outsider could the permutation of power in the worker's paradise. Yet even as the USSR was trundling off to its own disintegration, its survival was taken for granted by the people considered most knowledgeable about the state. This is a major cautionary point anyone that tries for intellectual honesty should remember. And it is this that is the source of my statement often mentioned that predictions of the future are prophecy only when vindicated in hindsight and bulllshit before they do.

I think also in the context of the fall of Gadafi and the Arab Spring that this is a more timely reminder than many.

What is it with these damn hippies?

OK, so we have a 'situation. The situation is that several anti-war demonstrators protested a major candidates campaign headquarters, demanding, well, dinner.

Other than some vague "we, um, want peace n shit" demands, they want to take on mighty NATO and turn them from a God Hatin' War Machine to a God Lovin' Peace Train. 

Americans are good at stealing the ideas of others, so let's have some background music while we chat about these dirty hippies and their vague demands. Shades of Occupy™!

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So, is this different than Occupy? If so, then contrast the two. Clearly there are parallels, albeit focused on completely different, yet legitimate targets. Should conservatives give Obama enough credit like these CWs, for being a War President, with all trappings bestowed by conservatives on generic War presidents? Do you agree with these Christians that their way is a sound strategy for a more hopeful future?
Quaero togam pacem.

Violent Violetists Protest Artists

Hi again, dear human rights defenders! Because the last time we had one of those ridiculously hyperbolized situations taken from the NationStates online game, the place where you can lead an imaginary country of your own, the majority of voters were overwhelmingly in favor of Mr Fanny June, the fiery human rights activist who advocated for the abolition of the death penalty.

Now the issue is quite relevant to our monthly topic - free speech. How far does it stretch and when does it become a detriment? Trickyyy...

The Issue
Several musicians have recently produced songs in which the holy prophet "Violet" sings silly and offensive things, causing outcries of horror from the Order of Violet.

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