May 6th, 2012

А бе къде е батко?
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DailyQuotes 2/3

Hey, I almost forgot! Well, as per our tradition, it's time to initiate the second installment of our DailyQuotes list™. So this list will keep being updated throughout the second 1/3 of 2012 with lines that might or might not inspire us to either have some lulz or go into deep contemplation (yeah yeah, keep wishing!) As usual, the list will be also featured on the community sidebar, and (hopefully) updated daily.

The Dailyquote list for the 2nd third of 2012 begins/continues right behind the cut (with links):
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Quaero togam pacem.

Death Penalty on Death Row?

How did you like the affirmative action situation the last time we had one of those awesomely hyperbolized connundrums taken from the NationStates online game, the place where you're Dear Leader of an imaginary realm, which you're definitely going to bring down into a cesspit eventually? Well, that one was a close call, Ms Lara Love the melodramatic director narrowly winning the vote by proposing that arts should be left alone to decide who they should hire and mock.

Now the issue is much more sinister - the death penalty!!! It's a controversial question: how far does it extend, should it exist at all, are there viable alternatives to it, etc etc. But without further ado, here's the situation.

The Issue
After new DNA evidence has proven that recently executed inmate Andy Brew-Vikingsson (erroneously sentenced for the mass murder of babies) was actually innocent, human rights activists have been campaigning to ban the death penalty.

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