April 26th, 2012

Godzilla, default

What is Communism? What is Fascism?

They are the shadow-side of the development of the industrial age, they are the dark side of the early 20th Century variant of Western civilization.

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We should all agree that when we refer to totalitarianism as it actually exists that referring to these movements as they actually existed is what's required. The problem is that crudely stated we all know none of our contemporaries today advocate machine gunning women and children in the back as a means of social engineering. It is our refusal to accept that new times produce problems of their own that have left Western civilization perpetually trying in a pathetic fashion to recreate the ever-more fossilized WWII era because to put it crudely the West hasn't yet understood that society has moved on from them, while the global South cannot forget it. Too many people want to cling to the fossilized mythology of what their grandfathers did as opposed to accepting that omnia mutantur mutandis illis. But then again, it was warned that there were blind guides who would strain out a gnat to greedily gobble a camel.