April 22nd, 2012

Groovy Kol

France in Wonderland

France is voting for president today. So here are a few thoughts on the subject. See, we could say France is behaving kind of like Asterix. Remember the funny little fellow from the comic, the guy who drinks the magic elixir and kicks Roman ass? Do bear with me then.

Here's a French paradox. The only presidential candidates who constantly talk about the EU are those who are questioning its existence, namely the so called Euro-sceptics. While the front-runners Sarkozy and Hollande seldom even mention Europe (and even more rarely in a positive context), the right-winger Marine Le Pen and the left-winger Jean-Luc Melenchon don't ever stop bashing Europe as a source of all troubles for France: be it the immigrant menace, or the threat of anchor terrorist babies (yeah, seriously), or the economic stagnation.

And the fact that the latest polls show the two wingers have a chance of getting roughly 30% of the votes combined, is telling us something about the temperature of the French sympathies for the EU. Maybe it's exactly the base of the two fringe politicians at the opposite ends of the spectrum that would prove the key on the 2nd round of the election (May 6), when it'll become clear if Sarkozy would close the gap between himself and the socialist Hollande, and if he'd win a second term.

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Quaero togam pacem.

Controversial Coup Causes Commotion

Greetings again, with our umpteenth installment of grotesquely oversimplified hypothetical situations taken from the NationStates online game, the place where you're the Dear Leader of a fictional country which you're totally free to steer either into Heaven or Hell through your genius or moronic decisions. Last time the debate was about trust in politicians, and the way to boost it a little bit. Obviously, Mr Sean Giggity, famous TV talk show host won by a landslide, proposing to crack down severely on corrupt politicians. Seems like the days of lax law enforcement for politicians are numbered in Insert Country Name...

Now the issue is more of an international character, as your country has apparently witnessed some serious turbulence around its borders. And as we know, no one lives on an isolated island with walls around it, so something should be done, and fast...

The Issue
A coup in a neighboring country has seen a mercenary force led by retired Insert Country Name general Ho Chi Bush take charge of the peaceful backwater, purging the opposition, and suppressing freedoms. Despite the new leader making a dubious promise to hold elections, the government in exile is demanding that Insert Country Name takes action.

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