April 8th, 2012

Important Community Business

Hello community.

Due to moderator neglect recent circumstances, it has fallen on me to announce and to prepare the community for the coming days ahead. We all know what these days are. American Election Days. AED is legendary for the amount of wharrgarrbling gibberish it generates. We, I'm afraid, are no more immune to this than any other.

I'm sorry to say that for the next 7 months, this community, as well as many others, will be inundated with a growing avalanche of once-off partisans, dilettante extraordinaires, feverish heroes and howling prophets. There is nothing that can be done. Many will fall victim to this natural disaster. Some of us won't make it. Others will be confused, drawn away, and lost forever.

So what I say now, fellow community members, is this:

No matter how much we detest what we have to say to one another, we are not them! We are here, in off-years as well as election years. We are here when no one else cares. We argue, debate, and insult every day, over every thing, and we must stick together! We all know who we are. We all know who is who and what is what. Take this time now to remember, and to hold fast against the coming hordes. Only together can we survive. Only with strength and conviction in our wonkish, obsessive ways can we weather the storm that is on the horizon.

Be brave! Be brave!

Is April Race Month?

It is often said that the best way to deal with hatred and racism is to mock it. Sometimes, the stuff is just so blatant, it begs for mockery and discussion, followed by more mockery.

We have looked at the devastating effects of racism on blacks. But what about white racists? Why don't we rag on them, instead of the government?

Take this Yankee Doodle fine specimen of a white male, for instance. The Brit John Derbyshire. Never heard of him until someone in my vast, yet unpaid research department pointed it out.

He takes what black folk call "the talk" (about the realities of being black in a white world) and turn it around so he has "the talk" with his kids.

And he urges you to have the talk with your 'non-black' children too.

Reading this makes me want to stand in front of this guy with a knife, flay the white skin off my body and throw it at his feet in disgust. But then I would die and he would live on to hate, so fuck that. I'm going to turn the mighty collective global network 'o chortles upon his 15 Feces (see what I did there?)

He takes a bit of common sense, then rolls it in white flower and Southern Fries it with crispy racism, um  hum! for example:

Collapse )

So in order to diffuse each of his 'important talking points' to include even kneegrow childrens, Read it, become righeously outraged, steam, simmer, then pick one like I did, dissect it for the group's amusement, extract the kernel of common sense (if any), mock and de-fang the racist part, and let's put this back together so All God's Children™ can enjoy its wee bit of common sense.

If any.

ETA: oops. He got fired over this. A hat tip to the effervescent Woman O the North blue_mangos
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