April 6th, 2012

Godzilla, default

It's Friday Fun Day Time! And now for The Omniverse Tales:

Having mentioned repeatedly that the stories and the like that I've done aren't the main plot, now's the time to note just what it is. I've mentioned before that the Omniverse pattern involves *everyone* being subject to this trope: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/WeAREStrugglingTogether. Well, this is how that works: the Tales start with the conclusion of the grinding nightmares of the Three Sieges, where the Independent Alliance, a coalition of totalitarian and sympathetic factions under the leadership of Arakzun Stazarzhin are forced to surrender, and Stazarzhin is renamed Stazarzhin, a demeaning name, being by birth an Underlan. With their defeat, he commissions as counter to the great supersoldier and incarnation of War via the Omega Program, Xaderavcal, Kesheli. But unknown to him, Shanar Hezhatin had made a deal with the monstrous creature whose Guards Army had ravaged the Throneworld in the horrific raids during the Empire's Civil War, the being Zazhalanzanai, ruler of the hellish otherworldly realm of Azarath.

With her help, Shanar Hezhatin seeks to inaugurate a new age, if he can re-assume control of Kesheli, Vizornii Hezhatin, and Xaderavcal through a new and improved clone of Xaderavcal, built from the same material as Vizornii. This Clone XV will permit him, he hopes, to tame even the violent monster Kesheli. But as he schemes, so does it become apparent to those in high places, those loyal and those seeking revolution, that the Empire is still ruled by the flawed megalomaniacal incompetent whose failings inaugurated the war. Multiple factions appear. Aside from Hezhatin's Architects of Fear, the other great unpredictable groups are the Kamishammaii, the Soldier-Fanatics of war-gods whose warlike natures are not still merely because the Throneworld bids them be.

For Diarchy, the Houses of Vintron and Chaliel are soon drawn into rival plans to depose the Underlans, the Chaliels benefiting from one of their number being Junior Diarch, the Vintrons from being Utawali and blood-kin of the ruling dynasty, war-heroes, all of them, in the terrible war just ended after its fourth decade. Also in ordinary realms scheme the discontented and brutal totalitarians, who soon realize that their would-be superweapon is now outside their control entirely.

But in higher realms, there is a greater danger than all of these: Kesheli, the new model of the Omega Program. Kesheli is unknown to them all a blend of a creature already powerful enough to ruin worlds with a type of otherworldly being only the texts closest to the nature of all reality. Not even her creators realize the extent to which the mere presence of the Red Death shall ensure that designs and schemes of mortals intertwine with them the new natures and intrigues of strange, bizarre otherworldly realities. As intrigues begin, in the hothouse post-civil war world of the Bizjarran Empire of the Underlan Dynasty, in the era of the Third Diarchy, realities begin to meld and warp by the foolishness of the few, and the schemes, always present, of nobles and kings begin to become matters of the most cosmic scale.........


So this is what I actually intend to focus my writing on. Not the war, but the messes that come after it. What about the rest of you, have any of you made progress with your own writings?

Tyler Perry gets Racially Profiled

Sounds like a Tyler Perry film, huh?

The story goes Tyler Perry, very wealthy black male was pulled over and aggressively (my opinion) treated in a way that suggest racial profiling. He then goes on to compare the Martin case and two other cases no one has heard of. Did he make this all up to draw attention to the plight of prfiled people everywhere? He does have quite an imagination.

If you have FaceBook the story is here, scroll down to April 1st. 5 Days later and there are over 23,000 comments. Many seem to knock the cops for the aggressive behavior, but (SURPRISE) many white people started hating on Tyler because, like, it's HIS fault he is black, he is rich and when the cops found out he was let go (assuming because he is rich he would not have to pay for a ticket. Tyler Perry FART$ money. I doubt an illegal turn citation would break his bank). YOU BROKE THE LAWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.... bullshit, he committed a civil infraction, a code ordinance infraction, not like he committed murder. Apples to apples, please whitey!

So White Folk generally condemn him, and some go out of their way to make some pretty stupid racial remarks.

Is this classic Group Mind, Herd Mentality? This tendency too often seen in humans to line up in divisions of race and see the same situation in two entirely different lights? Could a white male make the same accusation if everything was reversed racially? If not, what is different, besides the history of white on black hatred?

Knowing what I know about Atlanta, I speculate he was profiled (if it happened the way he described). No matter what, some of the comments by some white posters on FB, especially young ones, makes one pause "where do kids learn this racist shit?" My parents were openly racist against blacks and Mexicans, but I was able to overcome the stupidity and see things in quite a different view than them. Why are these people so goddamn insanely hateful of anything not white?

If I had time, I would research each comment, divvy it up as either generally positive or negative and compare any declared political view (liberal or conservative) and report what we already know. Most open racists are also open conservatives. But I don't have the time so I'll leave that last comment for the rest of you to fight over.

Happy Dead Jesus Day.

Denmark Vs Islam! Fight!


Two demonstrations faced off in Aarhus last week on Saturday. The European Counter-Jihad Meeting – organised by British anti-Islam organization the English Defence League (EDL) – was hailed as the start of a pan-European anti-Islam movement.

Ahead of the EDL’s rally, the domestic intelligence agency, PET, warned that members of violence-prone, right-wing groups from eastern Europe had promised to make the journey and show their support. Anticipating clashes between protesters, Danish police staged the largest security operation Aarhus had ever experienced.
The day started quietly on Mølleparken, the site of the European Counter-Jihad Meeting, with about 50 people milling about. Among them was Peter, who wore Arabic clothing while holding an Israeli flag and a sign stating, ‘Stop the Islamisation of Europe.’
“I’m protesting the ongoing Islamisation in Denmark,” he said. “Someday, we might all have to dress like this.

First of all, Denmark, fucking give your intelligence agency a name that actually sounds somewhat intimidating. When I think of an intelligence agency I should think of scary people in nice suits who like to take people to undisclosed locations and do delightfully horrible things to them and laugh about how totally legal what they're doing is. Seriously, since you're fucking with Muslims the CIA will be happy to give you all the advice you could ever need.

With that said, Denmark, I must praise you. You have done America a great service by showing that anti-Islamic foolishness is not limited to America. The world needed to be reminded that the "enlightened" people of Europe still know how to be intolerant and bigoted. The United States has dominated that field in the eyes of the world for two long. Now Muslims and advocates have someone else they can bitch at for a while. So thank you for taking the heat off us a bit. In gratitude we shall soon formally announce our support for the idea that Finns aren't really Nordics and that sure as shit Estonians aren't.

Battle on, brave Danes. In the great beyond Harold Bluetooth sings your praises and, more importantly, the US gains another reason to laugh at Europeans. As if how seriously you take the Eurovision Song Contest wasn't reason enough. But I digress...