April 1st, 2012

Obama or Santorum?

Let's, for the sake of argument, agree that Rick Santorum had the "n" word floating thru his head, for whatever reason; and it almost slipped out. And...?
People who think he is a closet racist have more ammunition, they weren't voting for him anyway. Personally, I haven't liked him for quite a while and I'm a conservative.
My problem with the whole kerfluffle is the activity it's getting (at least on this forum) compared to the President's "flexibility" remark: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/barackobama/9167332/Barack-Obama-microphone-gaffe-Ill-have-more-flexibility-after-election.html.

I understand, in context, that there can be many interpretations, depending on one's political view. I think the thing that bothered me more than the actual words, was the President leaning over, patting Medeved's hand, in a "reassuring" manner. Since, this was about missile defense, I confess this bothers me a great deal more than the possibility that a primary candidate, highly unlikely to win the nomination might have almost said the "n" word.

Are my priorities in the wrong place?

(note this was edited to change a their for there, I wish to thank thank all of you who avoided commenting that I used the wrong word)
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Pull that robe down, Justice!!

BREAKING NEWS!!11 Stand Nude Law Passed In Obamacare's Stead!!

Since it became clear that the SCOTUS's destiny is to slam Obamacare dead just because one guy, Justice Kennedy (of the Kennedys!?) has made up his mind that it's none of the Gubmint's bizzniss™ to tell people what they should buy... millions of people across America are now considering leaving their clothes at home and going about their business completely naked. A new form of activism or a fundamental change in lifestyle? You judge.

When asked BUT WHY!?, one Dick Balls of New York said, "Nobody makes me buy clothes EVAR again, you hear me? Teh ebil Gubmint will have to learn to respect our Freedoms & Liberties™! Nowhere in the Constitution is it written that we can't go out with our bare asses in the rain. And as we know, if something is not explicitly forbidden, then it's allowed!" Another nude pedestrian, Ms Sissy (who refused to disclose her surname because she's a sissy), added, "Teh Gubmintal oppreshun™ on our bodies should stop! I never wanted clothes, and nobody can legally force me to buy any! Period! Even two periods!" And she walked away, her tits bouncing fiercely in protest.

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Ауди А6 за шес' хиляди марки. Проблемче?
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What it's like, living in a pinky state

Hey, my dear fools jesters! April 1 is when everything you say is to be taken with a huge grain of salt... pepper... cinnamon... whatever; right? OK then, here's a story. The story of a tiny Balkan country, where Heaven on Earth has finally been achieved. Do bear with me, and you'll see how stupid you've been for not having moved over here yet!

A name has been coined here over the course of many hypothetical situations: Insert Country Name. So let's go with that, for the purposes of veracity.

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