March 31st, 2012

jesus saves

Serious Non-Partisan Budget Discussion

Bill explains it better than I can. At current spending rates, there will be no U.S. Economy by 2027. That's not Bill Whittle's opinion: that's the opinion of the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office, using the Obama Administration's own numbers, and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner doesn't even bother to deny it.

No politician is going to volunteer to be the one to refuse voting for extensions of benefits for reasons of far off debt collapse. If they did it would be tantamount to political suicide. It's going to take an unprecedented society-wide shift in opinions on entitlements.

How do we as a nation of old and young, rich and poor, left and right work together and come up with a solution to turn this train around? Even if you don't like it at least Paul Ryan has a plan.

I know that jobs has been the big topic of discussion this election year but I am surprised that we have not heard more on the budget with the growing financial crisis in Europe.

Occam's Razor and Santorum's tongue slips:

When it comes to politicians, I think we all have a right to be fairly skeptical about them. They often seem selfish, self-interested and self-centered. They get into politics for power, money or fame (maybe all 3). They ignore constituents and the will of the people, quite frequently.

Occam's Razor is a principle you should all be familiar with. If not, go and familiarize yourself with it. I'll wait.

Good, so now that you know what it is, apply it to Rick Santorum's two racial "gaffes". The simplest explanation is that Santorum is not the best public speaker, but he is aware enough to know that racist dog-whistling will get him some votes. So, he plays to both sides--letting out some racial remarks that can be defended--if he wants to. If not, he mobilizes the racist vote--which in America is no small thing, even in 2012.

Unless you have a simpler explanation than that for what Santorum was trying to say, the only reasonable conclusion is that his "slips of the tongue" show something about his views.