March 30th, 2012

Psychology and Race

Things have been getting messy in The National Discourse. We're getting sloppy. Things that are granted are quite problematic upon closer review, and behaviors are being tacitly condoned when their ostensible justification doesn't apply. Now, what do I mean by that?
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Technical note: People have been using the phrase "presumed innocent until proven guilty" in a fallacious manner as well. A presumption of innocence is not at statement of fact about innocence. A man is not "innocent until proven guilty." The question of innocence is what the trial is for. To presume innocence is simply an operative condition upon the conduct and behavior of the government-- it does not apply to internet discussions. Think this one through: If the government thought you were innocent, they wouldn't charge you with a crime.

Both sides of the same knife

Who said we were forever divided as a people? Probably every conservative in this community.

Despite the shrilly protests of conservatives that Tea Party supporters and Occupy members have nothing in common, including political agendas, Georgians untied united today under quite a diverse tent to circumvent bad bills into becoming bad laws.

Occupy Atlanta, Tea Party Patriots Defeat SB 469
Written By: GLORIA TATUM 3-30-2012
(APN) ATLANTA -- Thursday, March 29, 2012, the last day of the General Assembly, began for Occupy Atlanta, unions, religious leaders, leaders of the Civil Rights Movement, community activists, and the Tea Party at 9:30am with a prayer vigil outside the Capitol steps.

Activists continued with a rally to speak out against some of the most oppressive bills. SB 469 was the main target for the day, commonly called the anti-free speech, anti-union bill.

As previously covered by APN, this legislation contained provisions making it an aggravated misdemeanor to protest on or near private property, punishable by a year in prison and fines of one thousand dollars per day.

So we had tea partiers supporting unions because unions were supporting the progressives, civil rights activists, occupiers and tea partiers on the criminal trespass bill. Once the most unconstitutional criminization of organized public protest  was stripped, and there was nothing but an anti-union bill, did the Tea Partiers go "Poof! Fuck YOU lib'rel"?

No. They stuck with them. Right there with the po-po and their guns and handbands and shows of force hrumph hrumph!

You conservatives and your feeble attempts to divide and control. It is no longer working. The walls are cracking. Your wank fu is weakening and your leadership candidates are stuck in a rut so deep it's going to take a gang of singing Negro's to pull you out of (Think Blazing Saddles).

I'm proud to be a And I want you all to know that we can work together for Change We Can All Live With™

PS: In before YOUR SOURCES IS BLAH BLAH. I know this source personally. He just won a big GA supreme court case challenging sunshine law violations with the City of Atlanta. Argued them before the SCOGA personally. I can assure you all that it happened just like this.