March 26th, 2012



Amazing how some things can stay topical over decades. given so much has changed. However, some themes seem to never die. This song was popular when I was a young adult in Dallas, TX played by a local band Vince Vance and The Valiants. It was topical during the summer before the Reagan Regime™ used human hostages as pawns in a game to take back the Ford White House from "that peanut farmer". *insert rant about how CARTER WAS THE WORSE PRESIDENT EVERRRRRRR* 

It was topical when Bush1 and Bush2 were in power. And it is topical today.

hearing about the Iran holy boogie men over the past 40 years 'gonna get us with nukes!' is..well...getting old.

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Is Iran an actual real live threat to the US? Is it a threat to Israel? If so, is Iran out of its collective mind? Or is this just more beating war drums; saber rattling - political chum to keep the neocons sated with appearances of official concern?

Anyone been to Iran? Is it as 'repressive' as painted?
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Ah, Israel and the HRC:

Israel has severed ties with the UN Human Rights Council on grounds of butthurt about being called out on breaking particular statues of international law it shamelessly breaks, but a particular subset of international law that can never seriously be enforced. Otherwise, to use just one example, Kaliningrad Oblast would return to being the port of Konigsberg as what the USSR did there violated the same tenets of the law, Russia still does this, but it's not ever going to change in any immediate timespan. So on the one hand this is the international law version of running a stop sign, and on the other this is the first modern instance of flouncing from the UN.

On the other hand, this is the same UN Human Rights Commission that includes such sterling exemplars of Human Rights, Freedom, and Democracy as Saudi Arabia, Libya, Nigeria, Uganda, Hungary, and Cuba. So it's not like the UN Human Rights Commission means anything too much as it is, as the odds of it seriously representing human rights like this is like expecting a wolf pack to guard a herd of sheep. So in my opinion this is a mixture of "ROFLMAO" and "Eh, Israel's being a dick again, no surprise."

Your opinions?

World Metal War I

No, this is not about headbanging! \m/ It's about the battle for the rarest of resources that's raging between the US, EU, Japan on one side and China on the other, and the re-shuffling of the world markets for rare earth elements, or "rare metals".

About 300 km south-west of Stockholm, beside the second biggest Swedish lake, Vättern, one could see the typical ecological idyll. The lake is famed for being among the cleanest fresh water basins in the world, many towns in the vicinity are getting their tap water directly from the lake with only some minor processing. The typical Swedish rural sight is everywhere: tidy farms with green meadows. That's the last place you'd expect to see a highly toxic radioactive mine, but it's exactly where Sweden is planning to build one. The plant at Norra Kärr will not only be fully operational very soon, but it's definitely among the projects of "national importance" for the "present and future generations" - according to the statement by the government.

The reason being that this is the only known deposit of rare earth elements in Europe that's economically viable for exploitation, and this resource was declared by EU to be of strategic importance for the development of the economy. Until recently Europe didn't have to dig for such metals because most of them were imported from China. But for several years China has imposed stricter quotas for exportation of some resources like these, and is artificially pumping up the prices. And this has made EU, US and Japan to issue a joint complaint at the WTO.

This nervous outburst from the developed countries against China has its explanation: in recent years the rare earth elements have become an important part of the production of almost all hi-tech, and the battle for control on the market will be only getting more acute.

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Trayvon Martin's Mother Trying To Cash-In On Her Son's Death?

Trayvon Martin's mother Sabrina Fulton filed applications to copyright "Justice For Trayvon" and "I Am Trayvon" less than a month after her son was killed.

The video above has no sound and shows the actual documents, complete with Sabrina Fulton's address and information about the law firm representing her. Some say she's filing for copyright on these phrases to keep others from cashing in, others say she herself is trying to profit from the death of her son. If she filed the papers for herself and plans on using any cash rewards toward a scholarship in her son's name, I think that would be admirable. But it would be a sick situation indeed if she were pocketing the money for her own personal benefit.

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Right, far-right, Marine Le Pen

Marine Le Pen has reacted instantaneously. When the version appeared that the Toulouse shooter was a "home-bred" terrorist with probable links to Al Qaeda, the first lady of the French far-right was already prepared with a commentary. "It's time we waged a war on those politico-religious fundamentalists who are killing our children. The threat of Islamic fundamentalism has been underestimated", she said and practically renewed the election campaign in France that was interrupted for the 3 days of mourning. At least she had the courtesy to wait for 3 days, although I wonder how she managed to hold her tongue for so long.

The "Jeanne d'Arc of the far-right", the "leader of the French Tea-Party" - those are a few of the epithets the foreign press has sticked to Marine Le Pen, the woman who according to the polls occupies the 3rd position in the presidential elections - after François Hollande and Nicolas Sarkozy. She's expected to get somewhere around 18% of the vote on April 22 and probably miss the 2nd round on May 6.

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