March 25th, 2012


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I am not a lawyer. But I thought that claiming self-defense when you kill another person must be shown in court.

Doesn't our legal system say that we are innocent until proven guilty? Well, when someone admits to being guilty of something, but says, "no need to punish me for what I did! It's okay because XYZ" doesn't XYZ need to be shown, in court?

Why didn't Zimmerman get arrested, arraigned and put on trail and his lawyer would be forced to offer an affirmative defense, in court? That yes, I did kill him, but it was justified. As opposed to just being let go on his word? What the hell?

Sure, maybe I'm late to this bandwagon, but that no affirmative defense was made in court, and merely as a statement to the police--mindboggling.

I knew this case was all sorts of fucked up, but holy shit.

And if you hadn't heard, there's this too:,0,1232157,full.story

Moral Stereotypes

If I were in a Trollish mood I would simply leave these here and watch the fireworks ;)

Liberals are less tolerant of divergant viewpoints.


Conservatives Understand Liberals, But Liberals don’t get Conservatives. (AKA Conservatives are better at empathy :P)

However, both studies raise an interesting point that may give some insight into how to bridge the partisan gap.

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In the age of slacktivism

Silicon bracelets, virtual ribbons on the personal FB wall, and campaigns promising to feed the starving children through a single click of the "Like" button. Getting concerned about the suffering people at the other side of the globe has become so easy nowadays. Even too easy according to some, who are now calling this new phenomenon "slacktivism".

In recent years there is hardly a profile in the social networks without at least one invitation from an e-friend to join some life-saving campaign or to at least copy-paste a touching message of social concern on your wall. Probably there isn't a single Web user who hasn't already heard of the Kony2012 phenomenon, this 30-minute video that drew attention to the crimes of Joseph Kony, the rebel leader in Central Africa. It was watched by millions of people on YouTube alone, just within a few days. Kony is now #1 in the list of most wanted people at the Hague Tribunal, he and his Lord's Resistance Army being responsible for many kidnappings, turning children into soldiers and sex slaves, and many other crimes against civilians. Although probably the loudest example of the so called digital activism so far, this campaign is far from being the only one. And its worldwide success promises even more provocative ideas coming up in the future.

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The Captain's Prop

The Consumer: Profitable Prospect, or Willing Participant?

brucenstein's recent contribution regarding tariffs set on Chinese-made solar panels got me to thinking. There are not just one issue to discuss here — the more obvious and immediate being the way China's government funds industrial activity — but two. We must also consider what kind of electrical grid we have and what kind we want for the future.

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Quaero togam pacem.

A Matter of Trust

Hey folks! It's time for our regular installment of ridiculously hyperbolized hypothetical situations taken from the NationStates online game, the place where you have the opportunity to be the leader of a country of your own, which you could freely steer into the mud if you like (as happens most often). Last week the debate was about paternity leave, and I think it's pretty clear that the Minister of the Family, Ms Longbottom (HA!) won the poll by a landslide, advocating against discriminating against gay and adoptive parents.

Now the issue is a bit different. We've often talked about the failing political system, the corrupt politicians who do not represent us-the-people as they should, etc. That's nice, but got any solutions to that?

The Issue
A new survey conducted by private organizations has found out that confidence in Insert Country Name's political system is at an all-time low. Politicians and political think tanks are scrambling to find a solution.

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