March 23rd, 2012


M for mendacity / Mitt Romney's embracing of outright lies sets him apart

Rachel Maddow's segment on her Wednesday evening broadcast suggesting that Mitt Romney is a rather unique presidential candidate for his outright lying, and then unwillingness to retract them when shown, they are-- well lies, created a bit of a tempest in a tea-pot. Then Thursday, Karl Rove's WSJ piece provided a key example of how the upcoming campaign will be ran, since Rove's superpacs will provide a 1/4 of a billion dollars to the Romney campaign, you can be sure this will be the new tactic. And Greg Sargent's op-ed piece (behind the cut) is eloquent on this point. Lawrence O'Donnell explained to his viewers, "The political media have a problem. It's a problem the press has always had and has never solved. When should they call a lie a lie? When a candidate like Mitt Romney, who lies much more than most candidates, says something that is utterly false, the press will say, it's 'not accurate.' They might even use the word 'false.' They might use the word 'untrue,' but they will never, ever use the word 'lie.' And that is what lying politicians like Mitt Romney count on every time they try to get away with one of their ridiculous lies.... In the silly rules of politics and political coverage, the word 'lie' just can't seem to find its place."

I tend to agree with Ms. Maddow's read of the uniqueness of the Romney campaign so far. Sure there is spin, and twisting a story in such a way you can make it glow for your candidate, but some of the examples in the following clips, and then the unwillingness to make a correction is rather telling. Sure we all know politicians will say nearly anything to get elected, but given the unprecedented amount of money that's already been spent in the Republican primaries, the general election will be a roller-coaster ride. And is it just me, but is anyone else already sick of the election? It seems like it's been in progress for over a year already.

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The Supreme ObamaCare Question

Next week, the Supreme Court will devote six hours over three days to hearing challenges to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. ObamaCare.

It's about time it got to the [hopefully] final stage. This is the one that really counts. Who knows how long it will take them to deliberate once they hear the arguments though. Many months at least, I'm sure.
[What's your opinion?]

The court will hear four separate but related arguments, but all the issues boil down to a simple but important question: Do we have a government of limited, enumerated powers or a government of unbridled power, with the authority to control and direct every aspect of our lives?

That's the basic question to be decided. I think this is one of the fundamentally significant decisions that the Supreme Court will have made (when they make it). It seems pretty obvious to me that they should side with the 11th Circuit Court, but you never know.

And now for a little poll.

Poll #1828512 Supreme Obamacare Question

What do you predict the Supreme Court will decide?

Obamacare is constitutional.
Obamacare is unconstitutional.
They'll come up with some middle ground somehow.
You linked to the CATO Institute, so you're wrong.

Friday lulz -- Lamest of memes?

See, memes are like a pest. They're like an ulcer on the liver of Teh Internetz; like a gangrene, like cockroaches crawling on your brain cortex...

No, I actually lied. Memes are great, awesome, they're faaabulous. Is there anyone who doesn't love'm? Really? There is? Duh.

OK fine. But which is your most hated internet meme? There's a myriad of them around, but I'm sure there must've been at least one (if not a dozen) that've made you rage and want to hit your screen with a hammer. Suggestions?

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And my ultimate bottom of the chart meme: