March 22nd, 2012

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The other great forgotten war:

In 1979, as we all know, the regime of Reza Shah Pahlavi was overthrown. Within a short amount of time Vladimir Lenin arrived through Finland Station and declared All Power to the Soviets-er Ayatollah Khomeini co-opted the Revolution and built out of it the first of the Islamist societies and currently the only one to really show any ability to last. Next door to the Ayatollah was the secular regime of the Ba'ath Party led by one Saddam Al-Tikriti Hussein Al-Majid. This regime was secular, progressive on women's rights, and ruled the sacred sites of the religion Khomeini was building his theocracy over.
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When Khomeini began using the Dawa Party as a proxy against Iraq, Saddam decided "Fuck this shit, I'm-a invade." And so he did invade, and never quite made it all the way to Abadan with his army and society at their relative strongest with regard to Iran.

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My really cynical view of why this war is all but forgotten is that if it were actually viewed in any significant fashion it would thoroughly and completely undercut most of the USA's hubris gained from recreating its military virtuosity at the expense of a tin-pot Third World dictatorship. Not only from the USA of Ronald Reagan deliberately removing Iraq from the list of terrorist-sponsoring states, but in revealing that with the fourth largest army in the world Iranian teenagers without any equivalent firepower regularly came within a hair's breadth of kicking the ass of a regime that in theory in 2003, when far, far weaker, was an existential threat to the United States. This war in general illustrated how in the right circumstances nothing at all changed in terms of the whims and actions of the Great Powers, and thus everyone except Iran has had reason to forget this war, even though remembering it would explain things like the curious irony of Mr. Bush's War promoting an Iranian puppet to rule Iraq......
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Masters of the Business Apocalypse

We've gotten used to hearing all sorts of explanations for the global financial crisis. Among them, the inadequate credit policy, and loose control, and the existing sense among financiers that "anything goes", especially among those of them who were industrious enough to create some pretty fancy financial instruments that eventually turned out pretty dangerous for the unsuspecting public, and highly profitable for the financiers themselves (but not necessarily for the companies they were leading). Sometimes the systematic discrepancies inherent to the present form of capitalism are being thrown into the mix as well. But I think it'd be too simplistic to just assume that the roots of the problem lie exclusively in the political and economic system and have nothing to do with the way people's minds work. Now more and more psychology and sociology smart-heads are beginning to think that one of the core reasons for the crisis were the changes in the socio-cultural environment that originate in people's heads, and not so much in the way the financial system is designed. And even if we might disagree, still that'd be kind of interesting to examine.

Some of those believe that one of the reasons for the global financial hiccup was the chronic narcissism and the inflated ego of the top managers of many of the largest financial companies that were involved in the big game. What we're talking about here is their failure to critically assess their own actions, their inadequate assessment of the risks, and basically, the way their too bloated sense of untouchableness (does such a word even exist?) as far as their attitude to their job was concerned. All of these traits seem to be very much present in the top financial managers to this very day, and this ultimately has brought a number of these companies to the brink of bankruptcy, and some even beyond.

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Start wearing purple for me now....

Whenever I hear someone use that absurd argument that: "unions were useful once, but they've outlived their purpose" (its a claim my brother makes) I can't help but get frustrated. frustrated that people who claim such nonsense don't consider things like this

Now, I am SURE some people here will defend the rights of the employer to do whatever the fuck they want and hey, they sure can--but you know what, you should also defend the right of the employee to unionize and say FUCK YOU to the boss that treats them unfairly.

Your thoughts?

start wearing purple wearing purple
start wearing purple for me now
all your sanity, and wits they will all vanish
i promise
it's just a matter, of time.