March 21st, 2012

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OK, what's happening to Arizona?

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So.......can someone explain to me why the Tennessee and Arizona state GOPs seem to have a bigger collection of dumbass trolls than elsewhere? I realize that people might be offended at calling people trolls, but honestly if your idea of "pro-life" is making people witness abortions, my idea of making people carnivores would be to take them to see how those cows get turned into that meat on their plates. that kind of idea is creepy, counterproductive, and frankly seems more the politics of high school than what's theoretically supposed to be something run by people who left high school behind decades ago.

These days if an idea is offensive, reactionary, or frankly put too savage for Genghis Khan to think of it, it comes from these states. Why is that? Did South Carolina spread the whole too small to be a country and too large to be an insane asylum virus elsewhere?

Edit-to be fair, there are actually state GOPs whose leaders have some integrity and courage, and they should be given full credit for it. And from the state that brought us a con man arrested for defrauding the government as a state governor, that says a lot:

Who shall bear us forward?

A few weeks back, This American Life had an episode that actually asked a question that I don't think gets addressed all that often: what kind of country do we want? In typical public-radio fashion, it skewed liberal, but it's an interesting story nonetheless (the parts where Norquist explains how screwed up the pension system is for states are particularly interesting, even if the host tries to push the conversation in a rather unnecessary direction). Collapse )

God Bless America

tl;dw student goes in attack of white instructor and whites in class. Classs responds by whupping out their sidearms video cameras.

General question for the group: WTF is wrong with people today? And I'll throw a shoe at the first person who intones 'internet magnifies incidents that are more common that thought'.

Seriously, here is a double-strike citizen according to those who espouse the Myth of White Privilege, technically a triple-strike (black, female, in the Southern US) with EVERYTHING to gain, and she gets all 'ghetto' in college class. (ETA: or would it be better to sooth furrowed brows if I had typed "Rambo" instead?)

Should this person go to jail when she threatened to kill the instructor (ETA: she threatened blacks, too!!!!!!!) in front of 50 witnesses and 20 video cams?

Controversial question: are blacks too 'damaged' by 'white privilege' to ever be anything equal to whites? What can we do?

ETA: from the poster of the video an explanation:

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Edited for some valid points by those closely analyzing the dialog. Good catch, heathens!

What are the advantages of a third-party political system?

As more Americans identify themselves as 'Independents' , a derangement is taking place away from the major parties.  Now, the three-party system takes on new significance. What are two advantages that 3 political parties create for the political system? 

While presidential candidates of third parties have little chance of being elected, members of third parties have established many significant moves in our political social lives. Women's Right to Vote is just one of them, as well as Child Labor Laws, Reduction of Working Hours, Income Tax, and Social Security.

So do you think there are advantages with a third party?

The Captain's Prop

The First Stages of Collapse

This current economic crisis has indeed claimed its first casualties. Millions out of work, houses too expensive to occupy but worth nothing since they're underwater on the debt that financed them and the banks in too precarious a position to forgive the loans (or so they claim). Without incurring further debt, we will continue to have a stalled or broken economy; but since the current raft of leading economists fail to see debt as it is and chose to see it as an inconsequential element, no one is talking about these factors.

In fact, I'm not going to talk about these factors today either. I'm going to rant about what people blame are the factors to our economic funk but actually aren't: Taxes. Fact: We in the United States today pay very little in taxes compared to past years of prosperity, especially those of us who make what most would technically refer to a shitload of cash. Follow-up fact: All many of us can do is bitch about how are taxes are not historically low, but too high.

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