March 16th, 2012

Godzilla, default

The Free Market brings together Christianity and Islam:

To bash a Red Bull commercial, natch. I wonder what happens if these concerned Moral Guardians ever discover the way Jesus is portrayed in Seth MacFarlane's shows? But nah, that'll never happen:

For those Christian fundamentalists surprised Muslims would care, in Islam Jesus is seen as as the second-greatest prophet in Islam and is mentioned in the Quran more than Muhammad himself is. Isn't people coming together to complain about the way the free market works wonderful?

Gary Johnson quietly makes inroads to massive spoiler status

Everyone pretty much dismisses the LP in the US as being, well, not really a force in politics. More like the place where most of the kookier park their political positions. But not everyone. There are those who can look beyond some of the kooky and wonder "what if...?"

What if a viable candidate emerged that brought the best of a True Compromise? A Social Liberal with a Fiscally conservative eye on managing cost? What if he was on the ballot in all 50 states?

What more would he need? How about matching federal election funds? What LP candidate ever elevated himself to such a position of fundraising ability? 

Looks like Gary Johnson is on his way to being all of that.

Link shows that he has qualified for FMF in 13 of the 20 states he needs, and is well on his way to getting it, according to the cute 'March Madness' NCAA bracket style approach.

A few conservatives I have spoken with said it was a "deal killer' that he would have even spoken to the Occupy people, much less expressed support from SOME of their grievances. Fine. Be that narrow.

No one is paying attention to Johnson in the MSM yet, other than an 'oddity'. But pretty soon, if he can squeeze 3-4 more percentage points out of support, he can be at the POTUS debates, where he can slash to ribbons both Obama and the presumed candidate. I also think the young vote will turn from Obama and his War on Medical Marijuana and to End Prohibition Now Johnson. 

Anti-prohibition sentiment is higher than ever. Roosevelt swept into the White House almost solely on a pledge to end prohibition.

Not only do I think he can take votes from both sides 9as well as the fat middle of Independents, who are clambering over each other for any change other than the current duopoly. Johnson does not sound like a kook and he has as much experience as Bush2 (Well, that is not saying much, but at least he is not a DC Insider).

I think the D's n R's would be more willing to work with someone who is 'not the other side' and to point the finger at when it comes to the backlash of ending prohibition (if there is any).

What do you think? Johnson for real? A Genuine Spoiler? for who? Does he have a chance in hell?


Tough on crime... except.

Most conservatives favor laws that are tough on crime: Three strikes and you're out! Except their tune suddenly changes when talking about people who kill or injure others then claim self-defense. Then, the attacker gets the benefit of the doubt!

The above case is so outrageous it's hard to believe it's even real. As of today, Zimmerman has still not been arrested for shooting a child after being told by the police to let them deal with his "suspicions" about the young man. 


Friday lols... Most hated animals

It has been said that baby animals are always cute, no matter the species. Well, depends... Maybe the baby tarantula looks sweet, I don't know. Or the baby vampire bat? What about the baby mosquito?

So which is the animal that scares you the most? Why? Is there some primeval fear that we do not understand, like, from snakes and spiders? Or are you indifferent to them? What about roaches? Sharks, anyone? Or is there a completely "unconventional" animal that drives you off your nerve?

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What about you? Which animals freak you out?
*Pro-choice Radical Idea

We Have No Choice: One Woman's Ordeal With Texas' New Sonogram Law

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Laws like this one make liars out of every GOP member who says they're in favor of "small government."  Also, anyone who thinks a law that would put someone through this is a good thing should be watched closely for anti-social behavior, as they obviously lack any empathy for fellow human beings.  Finally, before anyone says that it was simply a "miscommunication" and that it wouldn't have happened if the letter of the law was followed, I say that if the law hadn't been passed and this decision had been left to the woman and her doctor, the trauma she had to undergo might have been somewhat mitigated.  As it was, she was put through a hell that no one should ever have to endure.