March 10th, 2012

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In Conservative America Blacks Enslave You:

Now, let's all stop and think about this for five minutes, eh? She's saying the first BLACK PRESIDENT wants to return to the ANTEBELLUM ERA when BLACK EQUALLED SLAVE. This is not to say that all blacks were slaves then, but for most white Americans it was an automatic assumption with all manner of horrors that came of it. However, I repeat: the idea that a black President wants to revert to the bad old days of Bleeding Kansas, of the Nat Turner Rebellion and its producing a South evolving to complete totalitarianism, and the days when people sincerely said that slavery was a civilizing influence and a school for blacks is an obscene statement that contradicts itself at the very heart of it.

Is there anyone, ANYONE, that will sincerely claim that Obama wants to return the country to the days of when the USA was half-slave and half-free?
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Um, yeah, this is kind of obvious:

The gist of the article is that the broader upheaval in the region, including the latest game of military chicken from the USA and Iran has sidelined the Palestinian Authority, whose people are as unhappy with Israeli occupation as they've been since 1967. I still don't get what Israel's rationale for annexing these territories in 1967 was, as it makes precious little sense beyond waving their dicks at the rest of the Middle East in a "Fuck you sonsobitches, we kicked your asses, Israel FUCK YEAH" mindset.

That Abbas doesn't know any better than Arafat how to run a society in peacetime and actually do day-to-day governance is no surprise. The PLO selected its leaders on who had the best trigger finger, not the people who were actually necessarily the best choices for the Palestinian people. So in other words, there's a good summary of this article in this macro:

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So, the TL;DR version is "Well, yeah, this is what you expect". Your thoughts?

The Nine Sages have spoken

The French Constitutional Court has rejected the bill that would recognise the Armenian genocide. The question is which factor exactly made the judges make a U-turn on the issue. Was it the striving for the ultimate Truth or was it the diplomatic pressure from Turkey and the desire to not destroy the last remnants of decent relations between France and Turkey? Either way, the decision is very questionable and comes in a very disturbing fashion. Because it reveals a certain amount of bias on part of the Court. And that sounds bad for a court that is supposed to uphold the Constitution.

The bill which was earlier adopted by the French parliament provided for sanctioning any acts of Armenian genocide denial, similarly to the existing laws about Holocaust denial in Germany. This provided a convenient reason for the Constitutional Court to shoot it down, basing their decision on concerns about the freedom of speech. Of course nothing and nobody should stand above the law, especially when we are speaking of the highest law and the highest court in the land. But still, the respect for the legal order should not make people blind for some disturbing facts about this court decision.

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