March 2nd, 2012


President Obama calls Sandra Fluke

Earlier this afternoon, Sandra Fluke received a personal phone call from President Obama, two days after she was called a "slut" on Rush Limbaugh's radio show. Ms Fluke attends the prestigious Georgetown University (a Jesuit school) and its president released earlier today a letter of support for Ms. Fluke, strongly critical of Mr. Limbaugh's comments, calling them "vile and misogynistic." Ms. Fluke broke the news about her call from the President during an interview on Andrea Mitchell's show. Fluke was the woman who was to testify before the Republican House Committee hearing but was denied by Darryl Issa, who instead had an all male panel testify on the subject of birth control and freedom of religion. A week later, former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi held a non-binding hearing and asked Ms. Fluke to appear. Rush Limbaugh went on the offensive on his radio show and "...demanded that Fluke release tapes of her having sex in exchange for the contraception that she argued should be covered by employers." Fluke said the President's phone call was completely unexpected and added "What was really personal for me was that he said to tell my parents that they should be proud. And that meant a lot because Rush Limbaugh questioned whether or not my family would be proud of me. So I just appreciated that very much."

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Joe Scarborough, a former conservative Republican member of the United States House of Representatives stated in an interview, he's had several conversations with what he described as "fire breathing conservatives" going into panic mode over the recent news cycles painting Republicans as opposed to women's rights and birth control when instead they are allowing President Obama off the hook, and thinks the election will be lost because of the focus on issues that don't matter, and were settled years ago.

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It seems that the some in the Republican party are so intent on pushing it more to the right, at the expense of moderate and women voters, the chances of winning the Senate back (Olympia Snowe's retirement all but guarantees that her seat will go to a Democrat), or winning the White House are going to be severely crippled (this has happened already in a key state, Virginia, which has seen a significant movement by independent and women voters from Romney to President Obama because of the forced ultrasound amendment for abortions). While Rush Limbaugh doesn't speak for all conservatives obviously, he is the face for one of the largest audiences in talk radio, and the massive condemnation, he's now receiving should wake him up, or at least give him pause for making such reckless statements

Lulz - Top 10 Cities of the World with the Most Beautiful Women

A survey was taken around the world and the results were determined by: 1) Quality of women, 2) Amount of Women per men ratio and 3) Ease of talking to women.

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1. Stockholm, Sweden
It seems like every woman in Stockholm is amazingly beautiful. Also, these women know how to party and enjoy each other. Per capita the women of Stockholm were the most beautiful. These women were also extremely educated and friendly. These women make you feel good in every way. Sweden is a must visit on a future vacation!
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Two Ways of Conjuring Money Out of the Void

Some time ago, I posted support for a theory of currency creation unfamiliar to many (including, until very recently, myself). I followed that post by explaining what a Greenbacker is. I wasn't really sure where next to go on the topic of currency creation and the forces behind it profiting enormously from it (which are only possible because of the rampant ignorance of it) until I heard a recent podcast about money and growth in China.

What's remarkable about this podcast — and I use the term "remarkable" literally, as in I really should remark upon it — is the blind spot suffered by the reporters because they Collapse )