March 1st, 2012

Over the Edge

Monthly Topic

Hey all! Now that Big Brother has released his grip on us somewhat, and Police State month is over (looks over shoulder), it's time to see what you guys chose to be the Monthly Topic for March:

Money In Politics

I wouldn't call that a surprise, eh? With the GOP primaries speeding up and Obama preparing to get into election mode, I guess there couldn't be a more relevant topic. So here's what it could include:

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Babes with babies

Several female members of the EU parliament became a sensation when they brought their little kids to the sessions of the most important European institution in Strasbourg. Some say they are making a political statement with this act, while they themselves state more practical reasons to do it. But either way, this has highlighted how difficult it is for women to reconcile career with family life.

The Italian MEP Licia Ronzulli who became famous for carrying her infant in her arms wrapped in a scarf, said that "Women are expected to study, and have a decent job, and after all that they have to choose between making a career and having a personal life. Women should not be forced to make such a choice". These words are what has made some call this a new form of political activism, but they may be missing the more important point.

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