February 25th, 2012


Philosophy before Politics

Your philosophic views of the world inevitably influence (if not determine) your political views of the world.

Surely, certain philosophic views are more or less influential; ethics and metaphysics seem like they'd be the prime movers and shakers, so to speak, for political thoughts.

What is right and what is wrong?
What is the true nature of the world?

Am I my brothers keeper?
When does human life begin?

Is the death penalty simple murder?
What, if anything, is the purpose to life?

The philosophic underpinnings are too great to ignore.

This is what gets me about libertarians. I don't think humans will act properly enough of the time, on their own, to do the right thing. this guy is an exception. if he were the rule, I'd look at the world differently, but he isn't.

Conservatives I don't get cause of the religious angle.

Moderates just half-ass shit.

I guess I'm a left-winger?
My ethics are a sort of secular humanism and my metaphysics is agnostic materialist.

But, I'm open to other views.
Explain your philosophical underpinnings and how it leads to your political views, and I'll switch views, if your view is sound.
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A brick in the guts

Let's talk about other-countries-that-don't-matter again. This time Belgium. The tiny non-state that has had a non-government for a year and a half (until a couple months ago). How come it still exists as a country? You'd think it should've fallen apart long time ago. It's divided into Flanders and Wallonia, the North and the South, and they don't talk to each other. And meanwhile that same country hosts the HQ of the EU, whose idea is unification. But beyond the walls of the EU parliament, where people talk about union and hash out ways to work together, on the streets of Brussels and all across Belgium, ethnic division reigns, language quarrels rage, and division has gripped by the throat a people divided into two peoples. How come?

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Hand of friendship (from Russia to USA)

Everyone is important for government in Russia. Our president listen to each people, who wants to say. At least we can write him a letter. My friends from north district of Moscow want to tell Medvedev about big price on meat. Its a problem, because they got to take care about their familys.

Its good, when simple people can talk to powerfull mans. Now i want to talk to simple people in USA. Simple afroamerican people. If we unite our power we can make bigger then now!

Lets sing rap for America!