February 22nd, 2012


Simple Q:


This isn't terribly big news. But it does show that an occupation of space can lead to a positive result.

To be fair, I felt occupation was a silly tactic back in early September 2011. I've come around sense then.

Have you? Does this article mean anything to you? Does it make you think that maybe occupying spaces is a tactic that gets results?

Activism works

In the recent post here regarding the proposed trans-vaginal ultrasound bill in Virginia it was commented to me that being outraged over this bill would not work. That those in opposition needed to focus instead on the unconstitutionality of the law. My reply was that given it was not a law yet both could be done. That if enough people spoke out it could stop the bill and stop other states in the future from attempting such a bill.

And it worked.

After multiple woman's groups from across America, including one spearheaded by Virginia Planned Parenthood which gathered more that 30,000 signatures and a silent protest at the Virginia Capitol of over 1000 people, both the Virginia Governor and the bill's sponsor released statements confirming the bill will not be going forward as planned, instead the policy will be to perform the traditional abdominal ultrasound and offer the woman the opportunity to view it if she so chooses.

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In the realm of revolutions

Some people are hurrying to bemoan the Arab revolution as a failed attempt already. Maybe they were hoping that the Middle East would be looking like the West by now. But let us not forget how things developed in East Europe and let's try to make a parallel with what is happening in the Middle East now. Is this the end of the revolution? In Tunisia and Egypt the elections were won by the Islamists, in Yemen the old president Saleh still has a lot of influence via his clan, and al-Assad is still clinging to power through the old oppressive methods. So has the counter-revolution successfully suffocated the Arab spring?

As much as these sceptical statements are understandable, they reflect only one side of the Arab reality. This scepticism is fueled by the observation that the emerging "new order" in North Africa does not match the desires of the West that the East could become like a new version of Europe or North America, if even a remote one. But this is just too unrealistic to expect. Many people in the West obviously still do not fully understand that Islam as a religion and even more as a culture should not be viewed as a subject of Western preaching and attempts to shaped it in the West's likeness, because it is ready to react by vigorously defending its own identity and specifics against any meddling from unwelcome outside factors.

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