February 21st, 2012


Getting Along


Can we all get along? - Rodney King

I had written a post about change.org and the work they do with the public and large corporations. I subscribed to their newsletter and received an Email about the Conservative Political Action Conference that was held in Washington D.C. this year.

For those not familiar with CPAC, it is an annual event hosted by the American Conservative Union Foundation and attended by conservative activists across the country. The most prominent attendees and speakers this year were Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, New Gingrich and Ron Paul. This has been especially significant because it was an opportunity for the four Republican candidates to flex their conservative muscle in an effort to court these activists.

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Who Defends Life?

The advocates of despotism like to see themselves as being in the right. In their own eyes, they are blessed angels who crusade against the hellish assaults upon something they call "life." When a human fetus is not carried to term, they feel a personal blow in the gut from the hand of Satan. When a human embryo is flushed from a uterus by a chemically induced menstrual flow, these self-appointed angels of "life" feel as if the forces of evil have gained one more sacrificial victim. When a particle of human pollen bumps its unthinking head against a latex barrier, these despotic souls cringe in agony, tearing their garments and gnashing their teeth in despair over the loss of "life."

These people were wrong before when they claimed that the Antipodes did not exist. They were wrong about consubstantiality and about Jewish literature. They used the arts of darkness to attack anyone who knew better. They persecuted women who practiced healing with herbal remedies, not because these women were a threat to life, but because their detractors were jealous of the ability to heal. Wise women earned respect by helping people rather than by beating them. This put wise women clearly in Satan's camp against the vicars of the One True God.

An ancient sage once commented that people do not sustain themselves only on physical nourishment. There is more to human life than mere physical existence. Those who would force a woman to bear a child against her will have no respect for such ancient wisdom. Many of these vicious vipers have even taken an oath that they will not be the cause of new human life. They seek to enjoy the blessings of limiting their own fertility as they would deny those blessings to others.

I recently remarked to some friends about my personal fortunes. Unlike my peers, I had been spared the shackles of mental enslavement. It was as if the Heavens had smiled upon me, granting me the ability to experience a life that had been denied to others. No charlatan ever professed to dedicate my life to the caesarian Jesus. I never participated in a cannibalistic ritual, nor was I ever urged to do so by family members. Instead, I was encouraged to pursue a path of depth and meaning that cannot be fathomed by the small minds who occupy opulent quarters. Vicious vipers posit me in the camp of Satan and it makes me glad. The ancient sages were all accused of impiety and blasphemy by charlatan authority figures. It is a good place to be.

Had I succumbed to the deceptions of Roman magic, I would have lived a less full life. I would have become a mother against my will. My existence would be more like that of a beast of burden. The yoke of Rome is hard and its burden is heavy.

Do you believe the Vatican when they profess to "defend life?"
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An odd thought:

Most histories of the Holocaust I've read, including those connecting the Holocaust with Israel, tend to focus on two things: the evolution of the genocidal apparatus and the paltry few people who did try to remove Jews from harm's way. Israel is presented as arising out of nowhere in response to the Holocaust and the Mandate of Palestine is never referred to (but that's outside the purview of this OP). The thing is that there were Jews who *did* fight back against the Holocaust. IIRC some of the Soviet units that fought in the war against Army Group North were raised as all-Jewish formations. There is of course the Jewish Legion of the last years of the war, and those few Jews who volunteered to enter the larger Nazi occupation zones to become partisans.

Most famously there's also the uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto in 1943. But there were also uprisings in the Treblinka, Sobibor, and Birkenau death camps. Jews in other cases who knew they were about to be directly slaughtered turned on the people about to kill them and in several cases managed to actually escape and save their own lives. Jews were also among the leaders of partisan bands in Yugoslavia and the occupied portions of the USSR, though actual Jewish bands had.....ambiguous....relationships with the Stalin dictatorship.

But oddly very little in Holocaust history, even when written by Israelis, tends to emphasize these people. One would think Israel in particular would *want* to identify with modern-day Masadas such as in Treblinka and Birkenau, to show that the spirit of those Jews has carried on or something like that. Is this because I've been reading the wrong books? Why does the history of the Holocaust tend to neglect Jews that actually *did* fight the genocide? It's not like people rising up in a death camp because they know they're all going to die being noted somehow lessens any of the gravity of the actual slaughters.

So........if I've been reading the wrong books then that's a good thing. If not, why don't people focus on heroes like these, who surely deserve that word if anyone does?

"African-Americans For Obama"


I got an email this afternoon telling me about this new Obama campaign tactic.
How is this ok in America today?
How is this not racist? What do you supposed would happen if Romney announced a “White Americans for Romney”?
He’d be crucified yet it’s perfectly acceptable for Obama?
Please explain to me why this is ok for a black president but no white in this country could ever do this?

UK, the ultimate Big Brother

UK anti-terror plan to sweep up email, phone, online records
"Data on all phone calls, text messages, email traffic and online visits would be stored for a year in vast databases under a new anti-terrorism plan in Britain, The Telegraph reported Saturday on its website.

The report, which did not cite sources, said that phone companies and broadband providers would be ordered to store the information themselves for a year for security services’ “real-time” inspection under the plan. Contents of phone calls, texts or emails would not be recorded, The Telegraph said, but the databases would retain the phone numbers and email addresses sent from and to.

And the plan would reach into social networking for the first time, The Telegraph reported, allowing security services to get information about direct messages between users of Facebook, Twitter and similar sites, and even between players in online video games."

First reaction: So they want to be like Google but just be allowed to sniff around legally, eh? ;)

Second reaction... Doesn't that seem a "little" over board, I mean allowing the government to have access to such sort of info without a warrant? And we might not be talking only about governments. Because they obviously won't have enough staff to deal with all that data, so there's a real risk that they'd be quite willing to extend the processing to some 3rd party, a private one, why not? /tinfoil hat!/

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