February 20th, 2012


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Good afternoon.
I have a question.
How many of you know about this:



(for the video impaired: Rachel Maddow on the election results from Maine. there are vast irregularities in the results. Some counties have 0 total votes, yet Maine repubs are calling it for Romney. Romney's margin of victory was under 200 votes. People on the ground in the counties that have 0 total votes say that at least some townships went to Ron Paul. Is Romney trying to steal the Maine caucus? Are the Maine republicans trying to steal it for Romney? [hey, he could be innocent] Are the repubs just super-fucking-slow in their counting of the votes? What's happening here?

but the videos are good, better than me in detail and specifics and citations. but there's the short-hand)

So, how many y'all know about it? Why doesn't (EDIT:voter) election-fraud hit the media like a sex-scandal? We all know Tiger Woods is a nympho. But nobody knows how the 2012 GOP primary is being stolen.

Also also:


(for the video impaired: Ron Paul is counting on getting the delegates from states who's primary numbers supported non-Paul candidates more than Paul to vote for Paul at the RNC, since the delegates can vote for any person--regardless of the states caucus results. thus a state who caucused 50% for Romney [hypothetically] does not actually get 50% of the delegates, necessarily. The delegates can vote for Paul 100%, if the particular delegates chose to do that. This is legal. This is part of the Paul presidential bid.)

Ok. So Paul is stealing the election from Romney who is stealing the election from Paul.

Mother frakker, my brain hurts.

Can't we just elect Huey Freeman already?
Quaero togam pacem.
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So here's a story

Anecdata time? You know, there's this guy who's been a social worker for a few years, his primary task being to swim through a sea of suffering on a daily basis, and browse through thousands of applications that are being submitted daily to the labor bureau at the local Municipality. Those applications are coming mostly from people living in the nearby shanty town, one of the many poor neighborhoods sprinkled across the country. This guy's job is to see what he can do to help those people with finding a decent job. A job that would often make the difference between living in total misery (and often perishing at a very young age) -and- having some chance for a better life full of dignity and hopes for brighter days to come.

Sometimes the whole process requires prescribing some specific re-qualification courses for those people. I'm talking of free qualification that's also paid for by the government (this guy's job is run by the government as you may've guessed, that same government with all its flaws and dysfunctionalities). And in most cases the process involves going through a lot of paperwork, bureaucracy and stuff, but ultimately being able to find jobs for as many people as possible. Sometimes it works, other times it fails. But it brings results overall.

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