February 18th, 2012


Those ebil furrinnerz

Drunkenness, loose morals, insolence. Those are just some of the accusations made by the Dutch right-wing populists behind Geert Wilders about those evil foreigners coming from East Europe and elsewhere. His party has created a website where people are encouraged to "report" about any wrongdoings and disturbances caused by the dirty unwashed (and unwanted) Easterners (Easterlings?) So far they've collected over 30 thousand "reports", and that - in less than a week!

I wonder if they'd also make a similar site where people could report about wrongdoings committed by local people, but yeah.

Wilders doesn't hide his intentions. He wants to prove the destructive role of the East Europeans. Because they're much worse than the North Africans, you see! Or the Surinamese! Or it's just that the East Europeans have had the bad luck to see the gates of Western Europe opening up a bit for them at a time when Western Europe was already having tough times economically itself. And in such situations we need a scapegoat to explain our own failures, okay?

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