February 6th, 2012

democratic party time!!!

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Vote-View has a new post releasing new academic data on the political temperment of presidents back to 1945. In it, Obama is found to be the most moderate of Democratic presidents, while Bush is the most conservative of Republican.

It should be noted that these calculations use the legislative record. So the terms liberal and conservative are bounded in historical context.

I find this to be in alignment to a heavily polarized political landscape. Polarization favors conservative ideals through gridlock, voter fatigue and agency capture in bureaucracy. On the other hand, demographics tend to favor liberal ideals as the next generation tends to be less shocked and offended by evolutions in the cultural and sexual mores of society. Either way, the Median Voter seems to have lost his voice in the current political landscape.

I think this explains public policy to a greater degree than the non-sense about secret societies of corporations and plutocrats pulling their strings willy-nilly. I'm curious whether it holds any truck with the rest of the community.

A world empire and its emperor

First of all, congrats to all Giants fans! Good game.

The other day we talked about a disaster that happened on an Egyptian stadium. Apparently there's a lot of politics behind that massacre. Well, there's always a lot of politics behind football. I instantly recall seeing the top military generals of Equatorial Guinea closely watching their team co-host the Africa Cup of Nations the other day. Or the North Korean apparatchiks investigating which players had performed well on the 2010 World Cup and which of them should end up in the mines. Football is often used for propaganda, either to brag about the achievements of a nation (USSR is a good example), or to conceal some big problems in a country by showing off as a good organizer of an international competition (a couple of years ago Angola had a big fail moment in this respect).

But back to the Port Said massacre. The local press here in Switzerland was completely out of touch with that event - no surprise. 70+ people have died there and all these fuckers kept blabbering about was what FIFA's for-life chairman Sepp Blatter had said about the riots. Note the utter cluelessness: "Football is a game that should bring pleasure, not death". FFS is that all you had to say, Blatter!?

Sepp Blatter has been hated a lot, and many people who love the beautiful game think that he's a disgrace for his country and for the game as a whole. But still he keeps being irremovable at the helm of the international football body, and the FIFA delegates keep re-electing him every time. How come?

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