February 5th, 2012



That video may be familiar to many of you. This was first posted months ago, however, it has worked it's way through the court system and the judge who heard the case found the police to be in the wrong. Both the officer who covered his name, and his commanding officer for not reporting it.

OAKLAND, Calif. -- A federal judge in California has ruled that an Oakland police officer who covered his nameplate during a November Occupy protest seriously violated court-approved conduct standards for the city's police department. -source

This seems like it should be really common sense. Even the police officer in charge of his little minions understood that it was unacceptable, hence why in the youtube video you see the LT tell remove the tape that covers his minions name.

So the LT knew it was wrong, the person with the camera knew it was wrong, and the federal judge knew it was wrong. So what the hell is wrong with the cop? Yes, I understand the fear of retribution, but fuck, nothing has happened to Tony Bologna, and ANON put all his info out there. So unless officer Hargraves thought he was gonna draw more scorn than Tony Bologna, he need not cover his name.

What do y'all think?
Who here thinks the judge and the LT got it wrong? Cause I'm sure some devils advocate will pop up. God I hope it's a devils advocate and not a devil....

Russia's Syrian gamble


I think it has become very clear by now that Al-Assad's regime has no future. But meanwhile Russia persists with their veto on any UN resolution and seeks excuses in wording and vague definitions, while it is patently clear what their purpose is.

Russia is so desperate to block any resolution threatening sanctions despite the obvious violation of human rights on a mass scale in Syria. Apparently, Putin is afraid that the revolution in its current form could open the way to a military intervention from the West like the one in Libya. The Russians are concerned that after Mubarak and Gaddafi, they could lose their last ally in the Middle East. Some enormous arms deals are at stake, geopolitical influence too, and let us not forget the Russian naval base in Tartous.

But Putin is making a huge mistake with this stance. In their desperate attempt to forcefully use their right of veto and to preserve the last remnant of their geopolitical influence in the region, the Russians are completely ignoring the human dimension of the situation. In a very Soviet-like style, they are supporting a brutal dictator who stops at nothing to remain in power. Al-Assad is for Russia what Saddam Hussein used to be. And the Russian government is discrediting itself as a potential mediator in seeking a political solution in Syria. They could have played a central role in the negotiations only if they distanced themselves from Al-Assad in the UN Security Council. Otherwise all proposals for negotiations directed at the Syrian opposition would only look like a transparent maneuvre, aimed at buying some more time for Russia's protege in the Middle East. And this could not last forever. The more they postpone, the more diplomatic leverage they would lose.

Russia is already gradually going into self-isolation on this issue. It is true that so far China remains on their side in this. But at the end of the day, China will be compelled to take the side of the new rulers in the Middle East because China urgently needs resources from that region. But Russia still persists with their firm "Nyet". As if the Syrian conflict is a long postponed epilogue of the Cold War, where preserving the last Russian pocket of influence in the Middle East is at stake. And that is why the Russians are so desperate in their stubbornness.
Quaero togam pacem.
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Minus 451 Fahrenheit

When is freedom slavery and ignorance is strength? It's when under a specious pretext the freedom of expression gets brutally oppressed. And when the ACTA was getting born. Then peace became war. And ignorance became strength.

Say, you're a bank employee. One nice day someone knocks at your door, you open, and suddenly a bunch of cops jump in and arrest you. On what charges? You don't know. The trial is over before it has even begun. You're sentenced without being given a chance to defend yourself. What's there to defend about, they ask? The evidence is there. "But what have I done?", you desperately insist, while passing under the slogan that hangs over the entrance of the Ministry of Truth, saying "War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength".

"He was spreading knowledge!", the prosecutor barks. "And people should be constantly spoon-fed little useless facts, only then will they have a sense of dynamics without being able to move! And they shall be happy! MUHAHAHA." ...

OK, that was just a lyrical diversion. ;-) Actually the year is not 1984. The year is 2012, and the world has just ratified the ACTA. Kafka, Orwell and Bradbury are sitting around a table, drinking Bourbon and playing poker.

Kafka: "While I was writing The Trial, I never realized I was giving them instructions. I swear!"
Orwell: "And I'm so dumb. I mixed up the dates! In 1948 I thought it'd be cool if I substituted the last two digits, so I got 1984. If I had had more brains I'd have summed the 4+8 and gotten 12. It should've been 2012!"
Bradbury: You're such n00bs, you know? Both of you, duh. Whoever still fucking reads your books anyway? (Kafka and Orwell give him a side-eye look). Quick, quick, come closer to the fireplace if you're suddenly feeling cold. I still have a few copies of my book".
Kafka: "Yeah, it's a bit cold in here... Why don't you throw a couple more books into the fire?"
Orwell: "Look at them, ain't they just beautiful as they burn? Such a beauty, even Big Brother couldn't dream of that in his wildest dreams!"
Bradbury: "The temperature is 451 Fahrenheit, har har har!"

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The new/old game in Central Asia

There's an ongoing conflict between Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, and its intensity has increased over the recent months from a passive-aggressive bickering to almost a hot war. On the scale of explosiveness it's already nearing the red sector. And the concerns about an impending war are pretty getting serious, especially given the high stakes in that region. If the Iranian situation deteriorates into war, this will inevitably affect Central Asia too. So Tajikistan and Uzbekistan are an important block in this domino game, and the main players like Russia, China, EU and the US will surely have a few things to say on the matter.

For various reasons, the Uzbek-Tajik relations have been near the freezing point for a long time. There's a visa regime between them since 2000 and direct transportation links haven't existed for several years, both by land and air. Apart from the constant skirmishes and provocations on the weird-looking border between the two countries, there's a severe struggle for control over the water resources in the region. The wars of the future will be fought over water, they say. Well, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan are the living proof of that.

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