February 3rd, 2012

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Friday Lulz: Yes, I Take Commercials WAY too Seriously.

Don’t get me wrong. I love this Heineken commercial, and not just because “Golden Age” is one of my favorite songs. I never saw this ad aired on television, so I suspect it wasn’t run on the West Coast. It seems to be a companion piece to the “The Date” I mentioned some months ago, the one that used Jan Pehechan Ho. And yes, “The Entrance” it’s fun, fun, fun, smart, detailed, beautifully shot…

But alas, it palls for me precisely because it’s so well made. It invites contemplation about the characters. Like most beer commercials, “The Entrance” is aimed at a highly specific demographic, that being young white guys -- and maybe a few girls who haven’t been in the dating trenches long enough to notice the flashing red warning signs cynical, gray-haired veterans like me detect on the second or third viewing.

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A step further out: Did Gingrich ruin space exploration for the rest of us?

...He sure as hell made it hard to have a serious conversation on the topic.

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School has forced me to neglect LJ of late but the recent emergance of space policy as a campaign issue hit me close to home.

The Grinch wants to go to the Moon. And naturally, because the Grinch thinks it's a good idea, everyone else thinks it's a bad idea. Even Romney (AKA Mittens) can't get enough of the joke.

I find it sad, really sad, because when you set aside the political hurdles and look at it from a scientific and economic standpoint building a CIS-Lunar infrastructure makes sense. Space-flight in the US is already $100 Billion dollar industry and NASA's budget is only 18 of that. (Did anyone pause to think about where thier GPS and Sattelite TV comes from?)

As I write this XCOR, Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin are all developing cheap sub-orbital spacecraft. Armadillo Aerospace has developed and built a prototype re-usable lunar lander. Bigelow Aerospace and Astrogenetix are building commercial sattelites for 0-g research and manufacturing. And companies like SpaceX, The Sierra Nevada Corp, ULA, and Boeing are all developing (or have aleady developed) vehicles that could take astronauts to Earth orbit and beyond.

These aren’t far out ideas. They exist today as hardware sitting in hangars and on launch-pads across the country. It's not the engineering or scienific obsticals that prevent us from exploiting and colonizing space. It's not even the money. It's the politics.

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Friday lulz -- Curse in foreign languages!

OK bichiz, we've all found ourselves in a situation where we want to reach through the screen and fucking punch the other guy in the fucking face through the fucking Internetz! CONFESS NOW! You've felt that too! YOU, yeah, there! I'm looking at you, that's right!

Yeah, but can you do that in another language!? Or languages? Hey, that'd be so friggin tough. Or not. Because, as we all know, the very first thing you ever learn from a new language is the shitty words, ain't that true for fuck's sake!?

So go ahead slackers, punch the other sonofabitch right there with your sophisticated foreign-sounding idiots... eeeh I mean idioms!

The challenge, should you accept is, is to double down on the previous commenter. This is your chance. Let's make it one long string of foreign insults! Ready, steady, go!

Initiating the stinking string of slurs with one that comes right out of the cursing studybooks of one of the most colorful languages, Serbian:

Pffft... oh noes!

To LOL or to die..... OH NO, Vogon poetry!!!1

*Cough*Cough* (clears throat)

See, see the presumptuous sky
Marvel at its big beige depths.
Tell me, Sebastian, do you
Wonder why the armadillo ignores you?
Why its foobly stare
makes you feel craptalicious.
I can tell you, it is
Worried by your schmunkelstork facial growth
That looks like
A polar shrimp.
What's more, it knows
Your dragster potting shed
Smells of earwig.
Everything under the big presumptuous sky
Asks why, why do you even bother?
You only charm bladders.

Create your own sample of the third-worst poetry in the world at: http://www.bbc.co.uk/cult/hitchhikers/vogonpoetry/lettergen.shtml