January 22nd, 2012

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  • kinvore

The New Slavery


Believe it or not, despite being an Arch Liberal TM I seldom read Daily Kos, and when someone directs me to a story there I take it with a huge grain of salt. However I've heard this story from various sources so it's pretty much verified.

Foxconn manufactures many of the nifty electronics we use today, including the Kindle, iPad, iPhone, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii. They keep their workers in compounds behind guards with automatic weapons. They are crammed 8 to a room. They work long hours for a pittance, and the pressure is taking its toll. Their work force has had numerous suicide attempts, many of which have succeeded.

Foxconn's solutions so far have been anything but exemplary. They've placed bars in windows and nets between buildings to keep people from jumping. They've had their employees sign "no suicide" pledges. They keep trying to address the symptom without even bothering with the cause.

What I find most ironic is if the workers try to form a union they'll receive a 12 year prison sentence. That's right, in Communist China they can't form a union.

You can't keep treating people this way and not expect some sort of reaction. This is the true face of class warfare, my friends. To me this is the inevitable result of unbridled capitalism, and why we need to keep regulations in place and to protect worker's rights. These people in China and elsewhere are paying a heavy price so that you can have a cheap smart phone.

(BTW if this was already discussed then I apologize, as you may or may not know I haven't been active lately.)
  • paft

No. I'm Not Glad.

Today, yet another fellow Democrat (that makes four) told me that I should be happy about Newt Gingrich winning the recent primary. I’ve been told I should be glad that Republicans are apparently going to have to choose between Gingrich (a rightwing firebrand who has no hesitation about appealing to racists) and Romney (a social darwinist millionaire who sees anyone complaining about income inequality as a commie pinko Castro-lover.)

Well I’m not happy. I’m not happy because the year is 2012 -- not 1996. Gingrich is not just some gadfly, energizing the right from the sidelines and offering tips to conservatives about how to use unfairly biased language. He's in the running for the Republican presidential nomination, and he did not get there through some act of God. He’s there because he represents a significant portion of one of our two major political parties. And so does Romney, with his obvious contempt for the poor.

This is not good news for any American, even if it means President Obama gets another four years in office.