January 14th, 2012


Qu'est-ce que c'est ceci?

A new attack ad on GOP front runner Mitt Romney features a rather strange criticism. That he speaks French. (and speaks it rather poorly I may add. His accent is atrocious)

The ad compares him to John Kerry who was also attacked during the 2004 elections for speaking and 'looking' French. I just don't understand this type of criticism. How is speaking a second language a detriment? Would you not want your leader to be as educated as possible, to be able to converse freely with leaders of other countries in their native language to help ease misunderstandings? American politics frequently baffle me but this is one of the strangest things I have heard.

The ad also claims at the end that a moderate can not beat Obama. Again, I am confused by this and hope our American members can explain this to me. Would a moderate not have a better chance at this than someone to the far right? It seems to me that a moderate could pick up swing votes from those on the left who are dissatisfied with Obama far easier than one whose policies scare them.

And just for lols, 2% of Americans believe Mitt Romney's first name is Mittens. Which would be kind of awesome if true.
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NCA: So many ways to end the world!

Ha! No Citations Allowed is here again. Prepare for unfounded rantrantrant! So Iran is about to block all supplies of oil from the Gulf thus prompting another regional war; Israel is about to bomb the shit out of the Ayatollahs; and don't get me started on the deadly artificial virus that's just been invented in the shady labs in Rotterdam!!! They've made the perfect killer mutant version of the bird flu, only this one is able to kill thousands, nay, millions of people within minutes!!!!1

This terrible little secret is being kept from the broad public by the good caring media upon request by the good caring authorities who don't want you to know details about the next form of impending death hanging over the heads of the unsuspecting common folk. But make no mistake, I'm sure Al Qaeda and the Iranian intelligence have eyes and ears everywhere, so it's just a matter of time until the next biological Apocalypse.

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Some random thoughts on the American Civil War, North/South relations, and racial issues

So I ran across an interesting post over at Outside the Beltway about the Civil War, which had a very interesting comments section. I had a few thoughts about the Civil War myself, though knowing they were probably very controversial and likely to spark a lot of wank, I kept them to myself on my personal LJ.

Well, mahnmut and underlankers encouraged me to post it here, saying it was excellent (note: don't ever take them to a bar, they clearly drink too much) so I decided I will. Rest assured, what follows is probably very unorthodox and is likely to piss people off (especially if you're from the south.)

Also, if you're not from America, you can safely skip this. This is pretty much American wankery through and through.

With that out of the way, here goes nuthin...

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