January 9th, 2012

Аз съм гЕнЕрал а вие сте кофти маТРИал.
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From the man who said John McCain knows nothing about torture:

First, one straight parent is worth two gay parents (does Santorum have a platform that's more than "Ah hate ghey, ghey is ebil, EBIL AH TELLS YOU?").


Second, Ronald Reagan was a fake conservative and not a true conservative, but instead a closet-liberal who made Social Security and Medicare what they are now; socialist evil. Oh, and Santorum also says that the term Middle Class should be dropped because there are no classes in the USA:


IMHO the most inexcusable thing he said was in the first article when he claimed a 5-year-old with cancer was responsible for his own cancer, and that the government has no business "punishing those that do right for the sake of those that do wrong." With that I think it's fairly clear that Mitt Romney will be the nominee for the Republicans as none of these other people can last five minutes without saying the kind of things that would over-qualify them for entrance in the League of Extraordinary Dumbasses.
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Trickle Down: "My Heart is Filled with Water"

From CNN, 1/8/12
A few miles north of the Georgia Avenue Food Cooperative, Andono's husband, Alan, 47, serves steaks to some of the targets of the Occupy movement: the 1% of Americans who have enjoyed nearly 60% of all gains in income over the last three decades.

Alan Bryant mans the grill at Ruth's Chris Steak House, where a well-marbled cowboy ribeye fetches $44 and a fully loaded 1-pound potato goes for $7….

Alan Bryant is aware of the Occupy protests. He doesn't participate. To be frank, he doesn't have time. Nor does he quite know how to feel about it all.

‘If the rich or the middle class don't spend the money (at the restaurant), that would put me very much in danger.’

He says he makes $11 an hour as a line cook. At that rate, it would take four hours of work to afford one of the cowboy ribeyes he cooks…

It's a tough pill to swallow when a steak gets returned after a single bite. He watches as waiters or waitresses toss the meat into the trash…

"Right now," he says, "my heart is filled with water.”

This is what “trickle down” means. It doesn’t mean, “you’ll have a comfortable life if you work hard for the 1%.”

No, it means, maybe – just maybe – you won’t actually end up homeless.

Maybe you’ll be able to scrounge meals from the local food co-op.

Maybe you’ll be able to afford to take half the medication the doctor says you need.

And maybe the consequences of this won’t actually be fatal or permanently disabling.

This is the reality of many of the jobs provided by the “job creators.”

These jobs don’t provide even a comfortable, if frugal living. They certainly don’t offer security. A man who fears losing his job because unemployment would put him “very much in danger,” is not secure.

He’s a man living day to day with a knife at his throat.

Huntsman defends service as ambassador to China

Mitt Romney addresses Jon Huntsman at Sunday morning's New Hampshire debate sponsored by Meet the Press.

During Sunday's New Hampshire debate, Jon Huntsman chided Mitt Romney over a personal swipe at Saturday night's debate, saying that Huntsman was not qualified to be the Republican nominee because he had served as the United States ambassador to China. I suppose you would think maybe Romney would have rephrased his answer a bit more diplomatically on Sunday morning, but no. When given the chance, Mitt Romney couldn't (or wouldn't) qualify his insult from the previous night, and instead repeated it. Jon Huntsman was so visibly angry, his eyes were tearing up.Huntsman's response was PERFECT. I thought it was a fantastic moment. And on a sidebar-- Mitt Romney's personal attack is a great example of why every other campaign manager in the 2008 Republican primary season despised him to a level unheard of in political campaigns; even when these managers realized their own candidates had lost the chance to win the nomination, they did everything to see to it Romney lost.[1] Jon Huntsman's performance during the two weekend debates has resulted in some significant gains in polling today, but I don't think it's going to stop Mitt Romney. But Jon Huntsman has definitely struck a note with an electorate that is screaming for their political leaders to put the country first.

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[1.] Game Change. John Heilemann and Mark Halperin authors.

A chance for a corporation to be a "good citizen"


The king of Swaziland, Mswati III is accused by human rights activists of plundering the national treasure of his country and leaving his people in the gutter. And Coca Cola has become subject to criticism because of its extensive partnership with this and a number of other African dictators. The bottom line, again, is profit.

The beverage giant operates a big factory in Swaziland, one of the poorest countries in Africa, which is ruled by the last absolute monarch on the continent. Mswati III has visited the Coca Cola headquarters in Atlanta and negotiated new contracts for the factory. Now Coca Cola is being urged by human rights activists to withdraw completely from his country and this way stop sponsoring his regime. Which is a tricky thing, since Swati responds that Coca Cola provides the well-being of his people (it is by far the largest investor in Swaziland).

Well, I would say that this is a chance for one of the biggest corporations in the field to actually earn some "good" points among its potential customers by actually doing the right thing, as opposed to doing the thing that brings immediate profit to their shareholders and nothing beyond that. If they are to think long-term, perhaps it wouldn't hurt if they consider the possibility of taking the "good citizen" stance and earning some respect. There have been calls to Coca Cola that they should know that they are doing business with the wrong people. Which, I suspect, they already do know.

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