January 1st, 2012

А бе къде е батко?
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DailyQuotes 1/3

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY! I hope it'll be even better for you than the previous one!

And now, as per our tradition, it's time to initiate the first installment of our DailyQuotes list™. That is, the one that'll continuously get filled throughout the first 1/3 of 2012 with snippets that might or might not inspire others to either have a laugh or go into deep contemplation (as if!) Those will be also featured on the community sidebar, daily.

The Dailyquote list for the 1st third of 2012 begins right behind the cut (with links):
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From the Department of You Can't Make This Shit Up:


For the short version-furious that they can't simply be allowed to be as medieval as they want to be, Ultra-Orthodox religious fanatics in Israel chose to protest by dressing up as death camp inmates.

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I cannot for the life of me think that there is any way where this is remotely a good idea in any sense. I mean first of all, the simple use of that garb by Israelis in Israel who are hijacking a state founded by atheist socialists for their religious shenaningans is itself quite ironic. Second, historically the actual Holocaust killed a great number of anti-Zionist Jews and people who were Jewish only by Nazi standards, not in the least by their own (such as a current Catholic saint/almost-saint). The Orthodox in the Jewish areas of Poland and the Soviet Union did die, yes, but they were far from the only targets of the Holocaust.

Finally, I just have to wonder what possessed those people to remotely see this as an idea that would go down well with anyone save themselves.Your thoughts?

The wild is back... almost

The Europeans had almost exterminated the larger wildlife on the Old Continent, but now the local species are gradually returning. The European bison, the beaver, the brown bear, the lynx and the wolf - animals that went almost extinct, or were pushed into the remotest corners of the continent, some of them now even existing only in the zoo... all of them are now slowly moving back to the central parts of the continent, not without the re-population efforts of dedicated ecologists. And this process is provoking some contemplation about the human role for the preservation of wildlife. The question is not easy to answer, especially in a highly industrialised region like Europe: how much wildlife could the "civilised" humans tolerate?

Yes, the wild beasts are coming back to Europe, but not on their own. The humans have a major role in this renaissance - especially the environmental organisations and the relevant EU institutions. For many decades they have been fighting for the endangered species. They guard their habitats, they follow the population dynamics, and they stimulate the reproduction of the rare species, and even re-introduce ones that existed only in captivity.

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