December 30th, 2010

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The state of Israel - the 'graveyard intifada'

The palestinians of Israel, long accustomed to Isreali settlers coming and taking their land , are hitting back in an unprecedented way. By burying their dead, and opening up cemeteries, they hope to keep illegal Israeli settlers at bay. Collapse )
Albert thinks ur funny.
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Happy birthday, TP + Early LULZ!

Hey, this is becoming a tradition already. Our baby talk_politics is having its second birthday today, so I guess it would be nice to spill a champagne for all, eh?

But do spare some for tomorrow!

I wish to everybody super-cool celebrations on New Year's eve, and remember: things look much clearer when seen through the bottom of an empty bottle. Occasionally you could also see into the future. (<-- not my words)

Can you see what the following 2 minutes have prepared for you? But of course. It's the updated, totally subjective and arbitrary list of 'mono-topical' members of our little crazy monkey cage. Reminding what this means: those are people who have but one obsession in their mind, and they seem hardly able to talk or think about anything else. Some call them one-trick ponies. I just call them our dear Obsessees. The list (in no particular order) follows:

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Ps. The last Dailyquotes installment for the year seems to be complete too.

Wishing you all a happy and prosperous year 2011 as well! :-)

/ end of twaddle

Enjoy the New Year's party tomorrow!

Since Friday is New Year, and I don't suppose you guys would be much into the LJ-ing mode tomorrow (eh, who am I fooling?), let's say this is the beginning of this week's EXTENDED FRIDAY LULZ THREAD, yay!

Fellow spammers, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, commence!